They said...

After 12th game, referring to the 31st move

``Kasparov said he had missed it,''


After 12th game

"My standing in the match is not brilliant. I'm just taking it as it goes along. They'll be a lot more turns I hope."


After 13th game

``It looked easy, but as I said, there's a lot of tensions behind the curtains. It took a lot of preparation and courage to play a risky opening.''


After 14th game

``The match is still on but I think the fight for the title is over.Still, anything can happen and I believe the rest of the games will be exciting.''


``Vishy was upset and I think he's absolutely right, you can't stop the game, you can't move it.''


After 15th game

``He probably has given up his hopes of winning the match, but he is still very dangerous and there are some games to go.''


After 16th game
when asked whether he should resign the match.

``Actually I think I might have one more shot at him.''

for the two last games:

``I understand the last two games weren't exactly thrillers, but you can't stipulate for things like this. A draw is a legitimate result in chess,''

when the match ends...

``I'll worry about that in a couple of days. I'm not pretending I'm going to win the match, but there are still two games left.''


After 17th game

"It was difficult to play knowing he had a three-point lead and only needed a draw. The only way to prepare psychologically was to consider this the last game of the match and it gave me the strength to survive,''

for his loss...

``Before the match, I could feel I wasn't using all my potential and that was scary but Anand's victory spurred me into action.It took enormous energy, I started working like I never did in my life,''

(AP) for the match...

``I feel very, very happy, this match was very difficult,''