Theodoros Tsorbatzoglou (Head of the Organizing Committee of Games Festival 2006) giving to Gerry Walsh (President of English Chess Federation) during the closing ceremony of the 2nd World School Championship, a superb illustrated guide to the major achievements of Ancient Greek Civilization which inspired the ideals of Democracy and the rule of Law, developed forms of art and temple architecture of perfect harmony and beauty, and offered profound philosophical insights into the human condition that are still persuasive even nowadays.

:: 2nd World School Chess Championship 2006 ::
The 2nd World School Championship was organized for the second time in a row in Greece, and more specifically at the G-Hotels Complex, in Kallithea of Halkidiki, from the 24th of April until the 2nd of May 2006.

The Championship was supported by the Greek and World Chess Federation and the International School Chess Union (ISCU) in an effort to develop school chess on a global scale. The total number of participants reached 269 boys and girls from 24 countries.

The gold champions in each category are the following:
Under 07:
Lim De Li Derek (SIN)
Under 09:
Taminsyah Aston (INA)
Under 11:
Emiroglu Cankut (TUR 2082)
Under 13:
Rahimov Rahmatjon (UZB 2064)
Under 15:
Chirila Ioan Cristian
(FM, ROM 2297)

Under 7 Under 9 Open Winner

In the Halkidiki International Open 2006, a parallel event to World School Championship, 86 players participated from 16 countries and winner of the event is Ioannis Nikolaidis (GM 2518) from Greece scoring 7.0 points in 9 games.
Itkis Boris (IM 2490) from Romania and Shavtvaladze Nikoloz (IM 2368) from Georgia took the 2nd and 3rd position respectively. 

A new proposal for Chess Marketing
by Theodoros Tsorbatzoglou
Event and Marketing Manager

In the last 10 years Greece, the motherland of Olympic Games, is showing great progress in the field of sports. Greek sports federations, sports clubs and related companies are working in a long term strategic plan for the further development and professionalism of sports.
The sports programs are funded by the Greek state but mostly by private corporate sponsorships. 

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Singh: Everything is excellent in Greece!
Bharat Singh, Treasurer of All India Chess Federation, during a mini interview spoke with enthusiasm about Greece as hostess country of the World School Championship 2006.

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Jasbon: Topalov-Kramnik Match is very important for World Chess
Jose Orlando Ruiz Jasbon, General Secretary of Colombian Chess Federation, during a mini interview he underlined the importance of the Topalov - Kramnik Match which will decide the only World Champion.
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Kostyev: FIDE has a President!
Alexander Kostyev, President of the International School Chess Union, when asked about the forthcoming FIDE elections in a mini-interview he gave, stated that FIDE shouldn't think about having a new President because the current one is good.
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Walsh: Greeks have the ability to make people happy!
Gerry Walsh, President of the English Chess Federation, during a mini-interview spoke with the most flattering words about Greek hospitality and the excellent conditions created by Greek organizers of international chess tournaments.
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Opening Ceremony: (from the left) Theodoros Tsorbatzoglou, Alexander Kostyev, Panagiotis
Nikolopoulos and the playing hall


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