A new proposal for Chess Marketing
by Theodoros Tsorbatzoglou
Event and Marketing Manager

In the last 10 years Greece, the motherland of Olympic Games, is showing great progress in the field of sports. Greek sports federations, sports clubs and related companies are working in a long term strategic plan for the further development and professionalism of sports. The sports programs are funded by the Greek state but mostly by private corporate sponsorships.

The result:
A small marketing miracle is taking place in Halkidiki - Greece during the 2nd World School Championship 2006. Letís describe the basic parameters.

Live TV chess-shows through satellite connection

The most popular morning show in Greek Television (NET TV) connected live with the playing hall presenting the tournament with pictures and interviews.

The live presentation was continued by two more live programs (ET3 TV) and so the world school championship has become widely known to each Greek family.

MonRoi's Live Games Coverage

Radio Thessaloniki, the well-known radio station in Northern Greece, covers the event with radio spots, while Aggelioforos (newspapers and magazines) is promoting the event with special ads.

Web Coverage and live broadcasting

World School Chess Championship 2006 is covered by 4 different web channels. Chess.GR powered by Argiris Kotsis, Iscuchess.com powered by Abdy Taminsyah, Monroi.com (live games) powered by Sava Kizova and for the pre-games period by Gamesfestival.com.

 Chess.GR Event's Official Web Page

Results, games, photos, interviews, articles and live games transmissions are updated daily providing complete information all over the world, but also inside the hotel complex for those who prefer to watch their kids through the Internet Café.
that this is only a school championship and not the World Chess Cup!


Corporate and prestigious sponsors support the event offering a lot of prizes for the participants.

We are presenting and proposing a new marketing plan for the constant support of major sponsors in such events.