Bharat Singh
Treasurer of All India Chess Federation

Q: What are your impressions of our country, the people and hospitality?
A: Greece is always beautiful and has got historical significance. The country is beautiful, the people are beautiful, but really this championship is a big step forward to develop chess through schools, and I'm glad that Greece is hosting this championship.

Q: How do you see this initiative concerning the World School Championship, organized for the 2nd time in a row here?
A: This is a great idea and as I said without school chess we cannot develop more our sport. In my opinion, school championships should be encouraged so that chess is established in schools. Through this initiative Greece offers a great service for the game of chess.

Q: Are you satisfied with the organizing as a whole of this event?
A: It's fantastic! The facilities are very good, the people are hospitable, the technical site and the playing hall are amazing. Everything is excellent in Greece!

Q: What's your opinion about the match Topalov-Kramnik? Will there be a change at the top of World Chess?
A: It's true that we keep forgetting classical chess. To become champion with a rapid or knock-out isn't a complete system. Classic games should be included in the determination of world champion, so I welcome this match.

Q: Your forecast about the forthcoming FIDE elections
A: I think Kirsan has done a lot for chess in the world and he should have an easy victory.