Alexander Kostyev
President of International School Chess Union

Q: What are your impressions of our country, the people and hospitality?
A: I'm very glad to have the possibility to be in Greece anytime. At the moment I really have the pleasure to see this tournament. The 2nd World School Championship is better than last year and the organization very good. Theodoros Tsorbatzoglou makes more intensive moves to distribute chess in the world and has invited more persons here in Greece.

Q: How do you see this initiative concerning the World School Championship, organized for the 2nd time in a row here?

Well, we have decided to arrange the same tournament next year also and we've asked for FIDE's and Greek Chess Federation's assistance so that the World School Championship is held in Greece and hopefully here in Halkidiki.

Q: Are you satisfied with the organizing as a whole of this event?

I'm absolutely satisfied.

Q: What's your opinion about the match Topalov-Kramnik? Will there be a change at the top of World Chess?

Well, I couldn't say anything about this matter since I'm responsible for school chess and children under 16 years old. I can give you only a little details. I'm member of the Organizing Committee for the match Topalov - Kramnik but I'm responsible for arranging children tournaments during this match and I will involve in Elista many Russian teams to play in tournaments and see the match.

Q: Your forecast about the forthcoming FIDE elections

FIDE shouldn't think about having a new President because the current one is good.