Jose Orlando Ruiz Jasbon
General Secretary of Colombian Chess Federation

Q: Is this your first time in Greece? What are your impressions of our country, the people and hospitality?
A: This is my second time since last year. The hospitality in Greece is very good. I like the people because they are
like us Latins. Greeks have an open mind and they are friendly to foreigners.

Q: How do you see this initiative concerning the World School Championship, organized for the 2nd time in a row here?
A: I think that this world championship for schools is very important because it gives especially to little children
under 7, but also under 9 years old from all over the world the opportunity to play chess before entering the world
youth championships.
Also, we have proposed to the ISCU to organize a Panamerican School Championship as they did in Asia.

Q: Are you satisfied with the organizing as a whole of this event?
A: Yes, the organization of this event is very good. For the parents who accompany their children this is a kind of
vacation. Yet I would like to have the possibility to visit archaeological sites, for example Athens (Acropolis).

Q: What's your opinion about the match Topalov-Kramnik? Will there be a change at the top of World Chess?
A: I think that this confrontation is very important for world chess because now we will have one champion. At this
moment we have two champions and people wonder who's better!

Q: Your forecast about the forthcoming FIDE elections
A: For our Federation Kirsan is good. FIDE must support weak financially countries of Latin America, Africa and Asia.