Grandmaster and chess opening pioneer Efstratios Grivas shares the inside story on a variation of the Sicilian Defence that he has worked for more than twenty years to perfect. This book is in every way a definitive guide. The Grivas Sicilian has proved itself sound and reliable in practice, but is far less well investigated than most Sicilian systems.

This gives it an extra sting in practice, which readers will be able to use to their advantage over the board - it is most unlikely that their opponents will have a well-worked-out response ready. Grivas explains the subtleties of this method at length, provides a wealth of vital strategic explanation, and peppers his narrative with appealing references to Greek mythology.

The Grivas Sicilian generally leads to positions akin to the Scheveningen, but with some subtle differences. Grivas explains these subtleties at length, helping readers to exploit all their chances to seize the initiative.

Grandmaster Efstratios Grivas lives in Athens and is also an International arbiter and organizer. He has represented his country on a great many occasions, winning an individual gold medal at the 1989 European Team Championship and an individual silver medal at the 1998 Olympiad. He is a federal trainer and an experienced writer, though this is his first book in the English language.

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