Van Wely vs Stellwagen

G1: Van Wely-Stellwagen 0-1
G2: Stellwagen-Van Wely 1/2
G3: Van Wely-Stellwagen 1/2
G4: Stellwagen-Van Wely 1-0
Total score :
Van Wely-Stellwagen 1-3

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A the match between the two Dutch players Loek van Wely and Daniel Stellwagen will be played in the Centre Ceramique in Maastricht, Netherlands between 10th and 13th of May 2005.

The first two games will be played with the classical start postition and the last two games will be shuffle chess. The players are allowed to use a computer and Chessbase software during the games.

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In the photo (from the official site): Van Wely & Stellwagen