:: Greek Championships 2005

The 55th Individual Greek Men's Championship was held in Kalamata, Greece, from 16 until 24 November 2005. Ten players claimed the title: Vassilios Kotronias (GM, 2626), Dimitrios Mastrovasilis (GM, 2570), Hristodoulos Banikas (GM, 2566), Stelios Halkias (GM, 2540), Ioannis Nikolaidis (GM, 2521), Athanasios Mastrovasilis (GM, 2496), Spyros Skembris (GM, 2461), Georgios Souleidis (IM, 2427), Spyros Kapnisis (IM, 2421), and Vassilios Kotrotsos (FM, 2323). Here are the final standings: 1. Hristodoulos Banikas is the champion of Greece for the 6th time in a row. 2. Athanasios Mastrovasilis, 3. Dimitrios Mastrovasilis, 4. Vassilios Kotronias, 5. Georgios Souleidis, 6. Ioannis Nikolaidis, 7. Stelios Halkias, 8. Spyros Kapnisis, 9. Spyros Skembris, 10. Vassilios Kotrotsos. 

Τhe 28th Individual Greek Women's Championship tοοκ place in Methana, Greece, between 11 and 20 November 2005. Ten female players competed for the title: Marina Makropoulou (WGM), Anna-Maria Botsari* (WGM), Katerina Fahiridou (WIM), Ioulia Makka (WIM), Vera Papadopoulou (WIM), Maria Petraki (WFM), Alexandra Stiri, Georgia Grapsa, Fotini Pambalou, and Evanthia Makka. The final standings are as follows:
1-3. Ioulia Makka, Marina Makropoulou, Katerina Fahiridou. Tie-breaks for gold, silver, and bronze medal. 4. Vera Papadopoulou, 5. Fotini Pambalou, 6. Maria Petraki, 7. Georgia Grapsa, 8. Alexandra Stiri, 9. Evanthia Makka.

*Anna-Maria Botsari due to a serious health problem has stopped playing since the 3rd round and has withdrawn her participation from the championship.

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In the photo: Hristodoulos Banikas