World-Class Field Will Compete for the Dortmund Trophy - Grand Chess Festival in the Heart of the City

The famous Dortmund Sparkassen Chess Meeting took place in the Civic Theatre between 8th and 17th of July 2005 (rest day 13th).  

Participants: Vladimir Kramnik, Peter Leko, Veselin Topalov, Peter Svidler, Michael Adams, Etienne Bacrot, Loek van Wely, Peter Heine Nielsen, Emil Sutovsky, Arkadij Naiditsch all-play-all.

Final Standings: 1. Naiditsch, Arkadij g GER 2612 5.5, 2. Topalov, Veselin g BUL 2788 5.0, 3. Bacrot, Etienne g FRA 2729 5.0, 4. Van Wely, Loek g NED 2655 5.0, 5. Svidler, Peter g RUS 2738 5.0, 6. Kramnik, Vladimir g RUS 2744 4.5, 7. Adams, Michael g ENG 2719 4.5, 8. Leko, Peter g HUN 2763 4.0, 9. Sutovsky, Emil g ISR 2674 3.5, 10. Nielsen, Peter Heine g DEN 2668 3.0

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Round 1, 08.07.2005
Leko 1-0 Van Wely
Adams 1-0 Topalov
Naiditsch 1-0 Sutovsky
Kramnik 1/2 Svidler
Nielsen 1-0 Bacrot
Round 2, 09.07.2005
Van Wely 1-0 Bacrot
Topalov 1-0 Naiditsch
Sutovsky 1-0 Kramnik
Svidler 1/2 Nielsen
Leko 1/2 Adams
Round 3, 10.07.2005
Adams 0-1 Van Wely
Kramnik 1-0 Topalov
Nielsen 1/2 Sutovsky
Bacrot 1/2 Svidler
Naiditsch 1-0 Leko
Round 4, 11.07.2005
Van Wely 1/2 Svidler
Topalov 1/2 Nielsen
Sutovsky 0-1 Bacrot
Leko 1/2 Kramnik
Adams 1/2 Naiditsch
Round 5, 12.07.2005
Naiditsch 1/2 Van Wely
Bacrot 1/2 Topalov
Svidler 1/2 Sutovsky
Nielsen 0-1 Leko
Kramnik 1/2 Adams
Round 6, 14.07.2005
Van Wely 1-0 Sutovsky
Topalov 1/2 Svidler
Leko 1/2 Bacrot
Adams 1-0 Nielsen
Naiditsch 1/2 Kramnik
Round 7, 15.07.2005
Kramnik 1/2 Van Wely
Sutovsky 1/2 Topalov
Svidler 1-0 Leko
Bacrot 1-0 Adams
Nielsen 0-1 Naiditsch
Round 8, 16.07.2005
Van Wely 0-1 Topalov
Leko 1/2 Sutovsky
Adams 1/2 Svidler
Naiditsch 1/2 Bacrot
Kramnik 1-0 Nielsen
Round 9, 17.07.2005
Nielsen - Van Wely
Topalov - Leko
Sutovsky - Adams
Svidler - Naiditsch
Bacrot - Kramnik


Press release dated 29th April 2005
(Dortmund, 29.04.2005). The chess world elite in the super tournament, open ELO tournament and open tournaments, artistic works on the theme of chess, blitz tournament with the grand masters, live commentary, specialized publications, software and books: Dortmund is preparing for Germany’s most renowned chess festival that will fascinate fans once again this summer: the Dortmund Sparkassen Chess Meeting – this is the 33rd time for the “International Dortmund Schachtage” - will take place in the heart of the city from 8th to 17th July, with a varied bill of first-class sports and an entertaining programme surrounding the event.

A world-class field of ten grand masters, among them six out of the top ten, will compete for the Dortmund trophy in Dortmund Civic Theatre. The quality of the participants (the tournament is classed Category 19) once again strengthens Dortmund’s position among the leading tournaments in the world.

Among the contestants is the world champion: Vladimir Kramnik (29) from Russia. Last October the serial winner and record-holder in Dortmund (six tournament victories) defended his world champion title in classical chess successfully. In Dortmund he will encounter his opponent from the world championship finals, Peter Leko. The 24-year old Hungarian (twice Dortmund winner) presented the champion with a great challenge and missed the world champion title just by a hair’s breadth. In January Leko proved his strenghth by his victory in Wijk aan Zee.

Veselin Topalov (30) from Bulgaria ranks among the top favourites of the tournament. By now he has reached third position of the current ranking and showed his enormous power in Spanish Linares where he became joint winner. Peter Svidler (28) from Russia wants to reach for the Dortmund trophy again after achieving third place last year. Michael Adams has the same ambition. For two years the 33-year old stayed away from the Westphalian capital, now he joins the competition for the title in Dortmund’s theatre again.

This year further strong players from Western European countries will join the field: for example Etienne Bacrot, the sixth player out of the world’s top ten. He is only 22 years old and already ranks 9th in the world, so his will be an exciting debut in Dortmund. This also applies to further newcomers to the Sparkassen Chess Meeting: Loek van Wely (32) is no 1 in the Netherlands. The Danish colours will be represented by 31-year old Peter Heine Nielsen who has been part of the extended world elite for some time.

With his victory at the Aeroflot Open in Moscow Emil Sutovsky from Israel won his qualification for the Sparkassen Chess Meeting. In addition to Bacrot, Van Wely and Nielsen the 27-year old will be the fourth new face in Dortmund. Arkadij Naiditsch will once again face the challenge of the strong competition, this will be the third year of his participation in the Super Tournament. The 19-year old Dortmund local champion, who gained a strong 5th place in last year’s Chess Meeting, has established his position among the top 100 in the world ranking.

The tournament will be played in one group. In a total of nine rounds each of the grand masters will play each of his opponents once (no play on 13th July). The winner of the Sparkassen Chess Meeting will be the player who has gained most points after the nine rounds.

Dortmund Civic Theatre offers the perfect ambience for experiencing the “Battle of Brilliance“ from close by: all matches will be relayed live to big projection screens, and expert commentaries by the German grand masters Dr Helmut Pfleger and Klaus Bischoff via headphones will enable the audience to follow the matches minutely. In the foyer chess fans will find the latest publications, software and books on their sport. The sculptor Gautam will lead other artists in the presentation of their ideas and works on the subject of "Chess in Art". In Dortmund town centre the festival atmosphere of the Sparkassen Chess Meeting will be enhanced further by the traditional Sparkassen Open (Town Hall) as well as a blitz chess tournament (Berswordt Hall) where the grand masters of the Super Tournament may be challenged by amateurs.

Detailed Information on the Dortmund Sparkassen Chess Meeting:

Sparkassen Open A and B

Traditionally, a big open tournament with 250 places is offered. The Sparkassen Open is divided into two classes: Open A (Open ELO Tournament) and Open B (Amateur Open). The venue will be the town hall (Rathaus) of the City of Dortmund at Friedensplatz. Each day play begins at 11 a.m.. The conditions for the Open Tournaments, with information on registration, may be found on the internet under as well as on the official organizers’ homepage

Chess and Art in the Civic Theatre

Works of art dealing with the phenomenon of chess will accompany the Dortmund Sparkassen Chess Meeting. In co-operation with the Dortmund artists’ association Kunstknoten the sculptor Gautam as the artistic director of the exhibition will present a wealth of creative ideas in Dortmund Civic Theatre.

Blitz Tournament with the Grand Masters on 13th July

Testing one’s skills against the greatest in chess: this is a pleasure hobby players can look forward to on 13th July. On the day of rest in the Top Tournament all ten grand masters will play blitz matches against ambitious young talents and amateur players in the Berswordt Hall opposite the town hall. Over the years this blitz chess event has developed into a permanent fixture of the Sparkassen Chess Meeting. From 13th June registrations will be accepted by Sparkasse Dortmund under Please state your full name, e-mail address as well as your telephone number.

Special Programmes on WDR Television

Westdeutscher Rundfunk will produce two of their popular special programmes covering the Dortmund Chess Meeting. These one-hour programmes will be broadcast on 11th and 18th July and repeated in the morning programme of the following day.

Advance Ticket Sales

Tickets may be booked with Theater Dortmund, Kuhstraße 12, D-44227 Dortmund, Telephone:
+49 231/50-27222. Alternatively tickets may be ordered via the organizer’s homepage under the address A day ticket costs 6 euros, concessions 4 euros. A ticket valid for all nine days is available for 35 euros.

Staying at the Grand Masters’ Hotel

During the Sparkassen Chess-Meeting chess fans may book into the Park Inn Dortmund, the grand masters’ hotel, at special rates (single room 65 euros, double room 75 euros per night, including breakfast). Please book direct with the hotel and quote "Sparkassen Chess-Meeting":
Park Inn Dortmund, Olpe 2, D-44135 Dortmund, Tel. +49 231 543200, Fax: +49 231 574354, e-mail: Hotel information:

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Rolf Behovits, Press Officer Dortmund Sparkassen Chess Meeting.
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