:: Complete Chess Match Stellwagen - Baramidze

Here is some information about the players:

David Baramidze, born on 27.09.1987 in Tblisi (Tiflis) Georgia, learned the rules of chess on the age of 5 from his father, who is also present in Maastricht. He is an International Master and his rating is 2456. Last year he won a strong Open Tournament, the Deizisau Open, in a field with a lot of Grandmasters and International Masters. Last year he tried Chess 960 in the Chess Classic Mainz and he likes that chess variant very much. The young German likes sport in general, but his favourite sports are football and swimming. He plays for the chessclub SF Dortmund Brackel. David lives in Dortmund. He has played a match against Alisa Maric when he was only 13 year old in Dortmund: he won the match 4,5-3,5. He has already played against Gary Kasparov once: in a simul during the Chess Classic 2000 in Frankfurt he managed to score a draw.

DaniŽl Stellwagen, born on 01.03.1987 is the biggest chess talent in the Netherlands. He is an International Master with an ELO of 2487. He scored two GM norms last year: in the Corus Chess Tournament and in The Dutch Championship. Last month he scored 6,5 out of 13 games in the strong B-group of the Corus Chess Tournament and gained 13 ELO points. On the age of seven he learned chess from his mother and only four years later DaniŽl beat his first grandmaster, GM Rantanen from Finland. He is the youngest player in the Netherlands who became an IM. DaniŽl plays for HSG in Hilversum. He told us that he does not really have exciting hobbies, but he likes to play computer games a lot.

Next week two two talented players will meet again: they will play an Category 11 Grandmaster Tournament in Germany, PulvermŁhle, with grandmasters like Jonny Hector, Stuart Conquest and Arkadi Naiditsch. An ideal opportunity for them to score a GM-norm!

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