:: Politiken Cup

Krishan Sasikiran is the winner of Politiken Cup

Politiken Cup was an 11-round open tournament played in one big group - from novices and club players to strong grandmasters. The Tournament took place from the 14th to the 25th of July 2003 at Norrebrohallen, Bragesgade 5, 2200 Kobenhavn N

Participants: Alexander Beliavsky 2668, Konstantin Sakaev 2655, Krishan Sasikiran 2654, Peter Heine Nielsen 2636, Luke Mcshane 2619, Jonathan Speelman 2589, Michal Krasenkow 2585, Artur Jussopow 2583, Nick de Firmian 2553, Jonny Hector 2538 etc.

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