Advanced Chess in Leon

World Champion Ruslan Ponomariov defeated Vesselin Topalov by 2 ˝ 1 ˝ and won the 16th “Ciudad de Leon” chess tournament.

The decisive game was the third one. Topalov introduced a new idea 13.Ne5!? in a well known position of the French Defence, he won a pawn, but soon returned it and sacrificed one more, to obtain a dangerous attack.

Sunday June 8
The final match:
Topalov-Ponomariov 1/2
Ponomariov-Topalov 1/2
Topalov-Ponomariov 0-1
Ponomariov-Topalov 1/2

Day 1, 6.6.2003
Karjakin - Topalov 0-1
Topalov - Karjakin 1-0
Karjakin - Topalov 1-0
Topalov - Karjakin 1/2

Day 2, 7.6.2003
Vallejo - Ponomariov 1/2
Ponomariov - Vallejo 1-0
Vallejo - Ponomariov 0-1
Ponomariov - Vallejo 1-0

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The Champion of the World of the FIDE, the Ukrainian Ruslan Ponomariov, the Bulgarian GM Vasselin Topalov, No 5 in the world-wide ranking, next to Spanish GM Paco Vallejo, the Spanish great hope of 19 years and the younger grandmaster of the world Serguei Karjakin (13  years old), form the list of XVI the Edition of the Skillful Match of Chess "City of Leon"

The event took place in the City of Leon between 6th & 8th of June 2003. The time of the rapid games was 20' +10''

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