Kosteniuk vs Karjakin

Karjakin defeated Kosteniuk 4-2
G1: Kosteniuk-Karjakin 1/2
G2: Karjakin-Kosteniuk 1/2
G3: Kosteniuk-Karjakin 0-1
G4: Karjakin-Kosteniuk 1-0
G5: Kosteniuk-Karjakin 1/2
G6: Karjakin-Kosteniuk 1/2

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was a match between 18 year old Alexandra Kosteniuk & the 13 year old Sergey Karjakin that took place in Brissago of Switzerland (Brissago is near Locarno, close to the Italian border) 01.02-06.02.2003
Six matches were played. Sponsor and organizer of the match was CENTRO DANNEMANN

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