Rules and schedule

1. General

The Russia vs. Rest of the World Match follows the tradition of the 1970 and 1984 USSR vs. Rest of the World. The World Chess Federation (FIDE) is the governing body of the Match Russia vs. Rest of the World. The Administrator is the World Chess Foundation acting in close concert and under the direction of FIDE.

2. Participation

Each team shall be composed of fourteen persons: 1 captain, 1 coach, 10 regular players and 2 reserve players.

The Russian Chess Federation, represented by the Russian Chess Federation president, shall decide the members of the Russian team.

FIDE, represented by the FIDE President, shall decide the members of the Rest of the World team.

Teams should submit their list of players in board order one week before the start of the Match. Regular players 1 to 10 shall be arranged by current FIDE rating (July 2002) with the highest rated on board 1.

3. Match System

The match shall be played over ten boards. The Scheveningen System shall be used according to the following table. There shall be no postponements. The captains of each team shall draw lots once before the start to determine who takes the place of team A and team B in the table.


4. Submission of Team Lists

A meeting of team captains shall be held on 7 September 2002 at which time the draw of lots shall take place to decide which team takes the place of team A and team B in the Scheveningen table. Furthermore, lots shall be drawn at this meeting to decide which pairing set shall be used in each round.

The list of players in each team in board order shall be final. The board order cannot be changed during the tournament.

All players shall play on their designated board assignments according to the Scheveningen table. The reserve players may substitute on any board but no reserve may play more than once against the same regular board opponent.

Before 12:00 noon each day, captains, or the coach designated as substitute captain, must deliver to the Chief Arbiter a sealed envelope containing a list of the team members who are to take part in all rounds of the day in question.

5. Interviews, functions and mode of dressing

Players are required to make themselves available for short interviews of not more than 10 minutes duration, immediately after their game.

Players are required to be present at all official functions approved by the FIDE President or his representative during the Match including official receptions and the opening and closing ceremonies.

Players are specifically requested to note the requirements of FIDE Regulations C.01 (Article 8.1) in respect of their dignified appearance at all times during the Match.

6. Laws of Chess

a. Play shall be governed by the FIDE Laws of Chess, except where they are overridden by the specific provisions of these regulations.

b. Players do not need to record the moves. Instead, an Arbiter or an assistant will record the moves.

c. The player whose turn it is to move may consult the scoresheet and, if his next move will produce a threefold repetition of position (according to Article 9.2a of the Laws of Chess), or the 50 moves rule (according to Article 9.3a of the Laws of Chess), he himself must write the intended move on the score sheet.

d. The Arbiter must call the flag fall.

7. Time Control

Time control shall be 25 minutes for each player with the addition of 10 seconds per move starting from move 1. The games shall be played using the DGT clocks.

8. Schedule

7 September   Arrival 
  21:00 HRS Captains' Meeting & Draw of lots (Metropol Hotel) 
8 September 15:00 HRS Opening Ceremony 
  16:00 HRS Rd. 1 
  18:00 HRS Rd. 2 
9 September 16:00 HRS Rd. 3 
  18:00 HRS Rd. 4 
  20:00 HRS Rd. 5 
10 September 16:00 HRS Rd. 6 
  18:00 HRS Rd. 7 
  20:00 HRS Rd. 8 
11 September 14:00 HRS Rd. 9 
  16:00 HRS Rd. 10 
  20:30 HRS Closing Ceremony 
12 September   Departure  

9. Playing Venue and Hotel

All games shall be played at the Kremlin State Palace. Official hotel is the Hotel Metropol.

10. Arbiters

Chief Arbiter shall be IA Geurt Gijssen of The Netherlands assisted by Deputy Arbiters IA Panagiotis Nikolopoulos of Greece and IA Horst Metzing of Germany. They shall be assisted by Arbiters from Russia.

11. Appeals Committee

The Appeals Committee shall consist of three members, Messrs. F. Campomanes of the Philippines, G. Makropoulos of Greece and Dr. John McCrary of the USA. Protests may be submitted only by team captains. Captains may nominate their coach to act as substitute captain in their place.

12. Team Prizes

A winner's trophy shall be awarded to the team which scores the more number of game points and a Challenger's trophy shall be given to the opposing team. If the score is equal after ten rounds, the match is declared a draw. The team with the more number of wins with black shall keep the winner's trophy.

13. Individual Awards

Gold, silver and bronze medals shall be given to the top three players in each team who score the highest percentage. If the percentage score is equal, the tie shall be broken by (a) the number of games, and if this is also equal by (b) the average rating of the opponents using the current FIDE ratings (July 2002). To be eligible, a player must play at least seven (7) games.

14. Amendments

The Chief Arbiter may, in consultation with the Organizing Committee, and with the approval of the FIDE President, issue additional written regulations to lay down exact playing hours and take care of details not covered by these regulations and other matters which may arise at the Captains' meeting.