Montreal Int. Tournament

The Montreal International Tournament was held in AXA Insurance Company
2020 University of Montreal between July 25th  and  August 5th 2002. It was a very strong tournament as it included players such as:
Lubomir Ftacnik SLO 2602 GM, Jean-Marc Degraeve FRA 2586 GM
Vasilios Kotronias CYP 2578 GM, Alexandre Lesiθge CAN 2571 GM, Eduardas Rozentalis LIT 2564 GM, Alexei Barsov UZB 2550 GM, Jesus Nogueiras CUB 2546 GM, Igor Zugic CAN 2450 IM
Pascal Charbonneau CAN 2422 IM, Jean Hιbert CAN 2416 IM, Sylvain Barbeau CAN 2397 FM, Mark Bluvshtein CAN 2367 IM

Final Standings:
Degraeve, Jean Marc (g) 8.5, Kotronias, Vasilios (g) 7.5, Ftacnik, Lubomir (g) 7.0, Barsov, Alexei (g) 6.5, Nogueiras, Jesus (g) 6.0, Charbonneau, Pascal (m) 5.5,  Rozentalis, Eduardas (g) 5.0, Barbeau, Sylvain (f) 5.0, Zugic, Igor (m) 4.5, m Lesiege, Alex. (g) 4.0, Bluvshtein, Mark (m) 4.0, Hebert, Jean (m) 2.5

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In the photo: V. Kotronias won the 2nd place in Montreal Tournament