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13-18.05.2002, Korinthos
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    An interesting event took place between 13th-18th of May 2002 in Korinthos. Its protagonists, two Grand Masters and one “war chess machine”.
The protagonists were the Belgian Mikhail Gurevich, Grand Master of international fame (No 47 in world rating – ELO 2641), the Greek Champion Christodoulos Banikas, and the mighty chess program Junior 7.

Both meetings were extremely interesting since Gurevich would have to confront all mighty Junior, who “runs” on a Pentium 4 at 2000 MHz and RAM 1 GB!
The second meeting was a battle between two champions with excellent scores at rapid games. The Greek Champion Chr. Banikas has a remarkable knowledge of challenging chess programs like Junior, with whom he played a series of 4 games last year.

The schedule unfolded as follows:
13-14/5/2002 Chr. Banikas vs Gurevich (six rapid games – 25 minutes for each player)
15–18/5/2002 Gurevich vs Junior 7 (four rapid games – 60 minutes for each player)

Also, a simultaneous game of the two Grand Masters vs 20 up to 30 persons had been scheduled.
All games were broadcasted by chess.gr, blackqueen.net, kasparov.com & ICC live on the Internet and at the same time they were projected on screen for all attendants.


Sponsored by: Xyleboriki Gilas, Cultural Center of Korinthos, Mayor of Korinthos Mr. Thomas Thomaidis

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