:: Goodricke 2002

Goodricke Tournament took place between 17/3 and 27/3/2002 at the Gorky Sadan in Calcutta, and was recognised by FIDE and Govt. of India, was organised by Goodricke National Chess Academy under the aegis of All India Chess Federation and in co-operation with Alekhine Chess Club.

The prize fund was: 1st:$2700 2nd:$1750 3rd:$1500 4th:$1000 5th:$750 6th:$500 7th:$400 8th:$350 9th:$300 10th:$250 11th to 15th:$200 each

Final Standings: 1.Sulskis Sarunas 8.5, 2.Sasikiran Krishnan 8.0, 3-7.Kuzmin Alexey 7.0, Sergey Ovsejevitsch 7.0, Ghaem Maghami Ehsan 7.0, Sermek Drazen 7.0, Sherbakov Ruslan 7.0  etc (Total 54 players)

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