The Dortmund Sparkassen Chess Meeting 2002


Candidates' Tournament

of the Einstein Group Classical World Chess Championship


Dortmund, Germany, July 6-21, 2002




1.         Event

The Candidates’ tournament to determine the Challenger for the Classical World Champion is composed of the top eight World Players, invited by Organizers.


2.         Participants

The invited top eight World Players were seeded using the average ratings of the both World Rating Lists published on January 1, 2002:

(i)                 the FIDE Rating List

(ii)               the PCA (Thomson) Rating List

Group I                    the numbers 1, 4, 5 and 8
Group II                   the numbers 2, 3, 6 and 7


The German wild card was given to Christopher Lutz.

















Topalov Veselin 







Morozevich Alexander







Adams Michael







Gelfand Boris







Shirov Alexei







Leko Peter







Bareev Evgeny







Lutz Christopher







The final division to preliminary groups is as follows:

Group I:                                                               Group II:

1. Veselin Topalov            BLG (1)                 1. Alexander Morozevich            RUS (2)

2. Boris Gelfand                ISR (4)                   2. Michael Adams                        ENG (3)

3. Alexei Shirov                 ESP (5)                 3. Peter Leko                               HUN (6)

4. Christopher Lutz           GER (8)                 4. Evgeny Bareev                        RUS (7)


2.          Date, venue and schedule

2.1.      The candidates tournament will be held from July 6 till 21, 2002 in the Congress Center of Westfalenhallen, Dortmund, Germany.



2.2.      Schedule of the tournament

             Thursday       July 4/5                            -  Arrival


             Friday              July 5         at 15.30       - Press Conference (all players)

             Friday              July 5         at 17.00       -  Technical  meeting (arbiters)

             Friday              July 5         at 19.00       -  Opening ceremony (all players)


             Saturday        July 6         at 15.00  -        Round 1

             Group I                                                         Group II

             Topalov-Lutz                                                 Morozevich-Bareev

             Gelfand-Shirov                                             Adams-Leko


             Sunday           July 7         at 15.00  -        Round 2

             Group I                                                         Group II

             Lutz-Shirov                                                    Bareev-Leko

             Topalov-Gelfand                                          Morozevich-Adams


             Monday          July 8         at 15.00  -        Round 3

             Group I                                                         Group II

             Shirov-Topalov                                             Adams-Bareev                                         

             Gelfand-Lutz                                                 Leko-Morozevich


             Tuesday         July 9         at 15.00  -        Round 4

             Group I                                                         Group II

             Topalov-Shirov                                             Lutz-Gelfand                                             

             Bareev-Adams                                             Morozevich-Leko


             Wednesday  July 10       at 15.00  -        Round 5

             Group I                                                         Group II

             Shirov-Lutz                                                    Leko-Bareev

             Gelfand-Topalov                                          Adams-Morozevich


             Thursday       July 11       at 15.00  -        Round 6

             Group I                                                         Group II

             Lutz-Topalov                                                 Bareev-Morozevich                                 

             Shirov-Gelfand                                             Leko-Adams


             Friday              July 12       at 15.00  -        Tie-breaks

             Group I                                 and                   Group II


             Saturday        July 13       at 15.00  -        Semifinals – Game 1

             Winner Group I                    -                        Runner up Group II

             Winner Group II                   -                        Runner up Group I


             Sunday           July 14       at 15.00  -        Semifinals – Game 2

             Runner up Group II              -                        Winner Group I                                         

             Runner up Group I               -                        Winner Group II                                          



             Monday          July 15       at 15.00  -        Semifinals – Game 3

             Winner Group I                    -                        Runner up Group II

             Winner Group II                   -                        Runner up Group I


             Tuesday         July 16       at 15.00  -        Semifinals – Game 4

             Runner up Group II              -                        Winner Group I                                         

             Runner up Group I               -                        Winner Group II                                          


             Wednesday   July 17       at 15.00  -        Semifinals – tiebreaks


             Thursday       July 18       at 15.00  -        Final – Game 1

             Winner of the 1st Match  -                       Winner of the 2nd Match 


             Friday              July 19       at 15.00  -        Final – Game 2

             Winner of the 2nd Match -                            Winner of the 1st Match  -                            


             Saturday        July 20       at 15.00  -        Final – Game 3

             Winner of the 1st Match  -                       Winner of the 2nd Match 


             Sunday           July 21       at 12.00  -        Final – Game 4

             Winner of the 2nd Match -                            Winner of the 1st Match  -                            


             Sunday           July 21     -                          Final - Tiebreak

             The tiebreak games shall take place not later than one hour after the end of the last final game.


             Sunday           July 21                                Prize Giving

             Prize giving after the decision on stage, Press Conference with the winner and Vladimir Kramnik, TV show after the prize giving on stage with the winner and Vladimir Kramnik


3.          Organizers

             1. Tournament director –                                                   Jürgen Grastat

 Tel.: +49-2304-239783



 2. Tournament director –                                                   Stefan Koth

 Tel.: +49-231-201444



 Chairman of the Board of Stadtsparkasse Dortmund Helmut Kohls

 Director of the Organization Committee                         Gerd Kolbe

 CEO Einstein Group plc, London                         Steve Timmins


4.          Arbiters.

             The arbiters will be             

IA & IM      Andrzej Filipowicz       - POL

IA               Alexander Bach            - RUS

The decisions of the arbiters are binding.   



5.          System of play

5.1.     The 8 invited players are divided in two groups of four players according to the average rating with the seeded positions mentioned in the art. 2. The two preliminary groups are the double round robin tournaments where each player will play 6 games. The two winners from each group will advance to the semifinals.


5.2.     Semifinal matches shall consist of 4 games with players alternating colors each round.  They will be played as follows:

             Winner Group I                    -                   Runner up Group II

             Winner Group II                   -                   Runner up Group I


5.3.     The winners of semifinal matches will play the final match that consist of 4 games with players alternating colors each round. The winner of the final match shall be the Challenger for the Classical Chess World Champion Vladimir Kramnik.


5.4      Drawing of lots and colors in the preliminary groups and in the knock out matches was automatically made on the base of the procedure given in the art. 2. The schedule of the event includes the proper colors of the pieces in all the games (a player mentioned on the first place has white in the game).


5.5      The rate of play. The playing session will be 7 hours: 40 moves in the first two hours followed by 20 moves in one hour, followed by all the moves in 30 minutes. The games shall be played using the DGT clocks.


5.6      Conditions of Victory. The number of points scored in the preliminary groups and the knock out matches will establish the final ranking of players. In the event of a tie in the preliminary groups, semifinal matches or in the final match, a tiebreak procedure, a series of rapid games and blitz games shall be applied.


5.7.     Play off  (tiebreak)


5.7.1.                          The final ranking order of players shall be determined by the number of points scored. If after 6 games in preliminary groups two players are tied qualifying places (or the 1st place)


if after 4 games in semifinals and the final match the score is level, 

then two players involved in the tie will play (after the new drawing of lots):


(i)                 the two games match of rapid chess (Game 25 min. + 5 sec. per move). If the score is still level then after the new drawing of lots they will play:

(ii)               the two games match of blitz chess (Game 5 min. + 3  sec. per move). If the score is still level then after the new drawing of lots they will play the same blitz match and continue the matches until one of player scores at least 1,5 points out of 2 games.


5.7.2.                          If three or more players are involved in the tie in the preliminary groups, then after the new drawing of lots:

(i)                 the double round robin rapid chess tournament (Game 15 min. + 5 sec. per move) shall be applied. If the scores of three players or more are still level then after the new drawing of lots they will play:

(ii)               the double round robin blitz chess tournament (Game 5 min. + 3  sec. per move) and the tournament will be continue until the final ranking of players will be determined.

(iii)             However if only two players are tied after the rapid round robin tournament or after the double round robin blitz chess tournament, then they should continue the blitz matches according to art. 5.7.1.  


5.7.3                           The rapid games shall be played using the DGT clock starting with 25 (15) minutes on the clock and the addition of 10 seconds prior to the move. The blitz games shall be played with 5 minutes on the clock and the addition of 3 seconds prior to the move.

5.7.4               The break between the games and matches is 15 minutes.

5.7.5                           The method used for a drawing of lots would be decided by the Chief Arbiter. 


6.          The tournament regulations


6.1.           The current Laws of Chess will be used in the event.

6.2.           All the games shall be played in the tournament hall only.

6.3.           No postponements shall be allowed.

6.4.           The player absent at tournament hall one hour after the beginning of the round for any reason (including illness) is losing the game by forfeit.

6.5.           The players are not allowed to speak each other during the games and should stay during the game in their respective areas.

6.6.           The following regulations are to be adopted for rapid and blitz games:

(i)                 Players do not need to record the moves. Instead, an arbiter or an assistant will record the moves.

(ii)               The player whose turn it is to move may consult the scores-heet and, if his next move will produce a threefold repetition of position or the 50 moves rule he himself must write the intended move on the scoresheet.

(iii)             Illegal moves shall be penalised by adding 2 minutes to the opponent.


7.              Obligations of players


7.1.     Players are required to attend opening press conference and ceremony.

7.2.           The players (usually the winners or both players in case of a draw) should give a short statement after the game in the press room.

7.3.           Players are responsible for the actions of acknowledged members of their delegations (seconds and any other individuals who the player allows to conduct business on behalf of the player) in the time during but also immediately before and after the game.

7.4.           At the end of each game the players' original scoresheets shall be given to the Arbiter, who shall hand them over to the Organizers in due course.

7.5.           In tiebreak games, the players and the Arbiter shall sign the protocol.


8.         Photography and Television


8.1.           Only photographers and camera crew expressly authorized by the Administrator may work in the playing venue.

8.2.           The flash may only be used during the first five minutes of the round.

8.3.           In tiebreak games flash may only be used in the first three minutes.

8.4.           In case blitz games one minute for each game will be allowed for photographers


8.5.           Hotel/Accommodation


Hotel of the Grandmasters: Hilton Dortmund (former: Holiday Inn Crown Plaza - the same hotel as in the years before).

Address: An der Buschmühle 1 (street), Dortmund (nearby Westfalenpark/Westfalenhalle); phone: +49-231-1086-0.

One double room per player, breakfast will be included for the participants; all others costs are to be paid by the participants.

Additional rooms for special rates can be arranged by the Tournament Director Mr. Grastat.


9.         Appearance Fees/Prizes


The Organization of the Dortmund Sparkassen Chess Meeting 2002 guarantees an appearance fee of EURO 15.000 (net of taxes). Prize money Euro 250.000 (gross) by the Einstein Group plc London: 1st: Euro 100.000, 2nd: Euro 70.000, 2x3rd: each Euro 40.000. The German tax will be deducted from these prize money. The players will then receive the prize money net and a certificate about the tax payments to avoid double taxation between Germany and the respective home countries of the players.   


            Signed by


            Dr. Andrzej Filipowicz

(Chief Arbiter of the Dortmund Sparkassen-Chess Meeting 2002)