Exciting event in Bad Wiessee

Final Ranking | The games in PGN

The Open International Bavarian Masters in chess was holded in Bad Wiessee for the sixth time already. And even in September the 512 tournament-places we completely full-booked. Therefore the organizers Horst and Thomas Leckner had to inform a lot of interested players, that unfortunately no further inscription was possible. Thus it was fairly annoying, that more than 20 inscripted persons simply did not come to the control of presense. It was surprising, that also the Hungarian grandmasters Joszef Pinter and Gyula Sax cancelled their inscription not before the day of the first round.

After the opening-ceremony with traditional Bavarian music and a Swiss folk performance the main-arbiter Willi Knebel started the first round. In the beginning it seemed to be a clear victory for the highest-rated player Vladimir Malakhov (ELO: 2670). Even after round 5 he had not a single draw and was the definite leader in ranking. But in round 6 the Russian grandmaster could not win against Michael Oratovsky (Isreal, ELO: 2567) and gave the leadership to the grandmasters Oratovsky, Golod and Landa. In round 7 the Russian grandmaster Konstantin Landa became the only leader in ranking, after he succeeded to win against Alik Gershon (ELO: 2562) from Israel. In round 8 the spectators were somehow surprised about the early draw of Konstantin Landa against Vladimir Malakhov. Most visitors expected an exciting game between the two highest rated players, which would have been decisive to the final ranking of the tournament. But instead of this the game was over after only five minutes and 10 moves altogether. - Thus round 9 had to bring the decision.

Also for the special-prizedsthe tournament became more and more interesting from round to round. In the category of best senior Aleksander Kaminik (Ukraine, ELO: 2232) and FM Johann Fischer (ELO: 2301) had a thrilling duel, in which the 71year-old Kaminik nearly managed to reach an IM-norm. But Kaminik could not succeed to win against the strong IM Anton Korobov (ELO: 2503) from the Ukraine chess-city Kramatorsk. Also Johann Fischer could not win and resigned surprisingly after only 11 moves against GM Konstantin Lerner. Because of this Rafael Rodkin (Israel, ELO: 2252) had the chance to win the prize for best senior. But also Rodkin could not win in round 9 and therefore Aleksander Kaminik kept his prize for best senior 2002, same to the 1st OIBM in 1997.

In the category of best female we saw the direct comparision between the leaders WIM Barabara Jaracz-Grabarska (ELO: 2270) and the Ukraine WGM Tatiana Kononenko (ELO: 2388) in round 8. The match ended in a draw after estimately 30 moves. Therefore also here round 9 had to bring the decision. Both Kononko and Jaracz-Grabarska could not win in round 9. The German WGM Oksana Sarana-Hungeling (ELO: 2291) used her chance and succeeded to win the price for best female player.

Stefan Bromberger (ELO: 2414) was the positive surprise in the category of best youth-players. After his victories against grandmasters Romanishin (Ukraine, ELO: 2562) and Jaracz (Poland, ELO: 2545) Bromberger also had the chance for his first GM-norm. But therefore he had to win against the Russian grandmaster Konstantin Aseev (ELO: 2571), too. Maybe because of the pressure Bromberger played too aggressive and even lost in round 9 against Aseev. In the end Levon Aronian (Armenia, ELO: 2581) was the best player U20. But Aronian also qualified for the prize of place 4 and therefore Zahar Efimenko (ELO: 2567) from Ukraine got the trophy for best youth-player.

Now back to the top-pairings: Due of the still open end of the tournament, even the round 9 was exciting. Only Landa and Oratovsky on board 1 agreed to an early draw. Grandmastera Khenkin, Malakhov and Shabalov fighted hard against their lower-rated opponents Womacka, Prusikhin and Naumann. Though Shabalov (USA, ELO: 2621) tried nearly everything he could not win against the German IM Alexander Naumann (ELO: 2513). Malakhov and Khenkin succeeded in defeating their opponents and reached rank 3 and 6 in the final ranking.

In the final result Konstantin Landa became the winner of the tournament and title-holder of the OIBM 2002. But the victory was quite close, because Landa and Oratovsky were not only equal in points but also in Buchholz. Decisive for Landa’s victory was the better average rating of his opponents!

For the 6th time in a row, the price for the best participating chess-club went to the organising TV Tegernsee. The team Khenkin, Hertneck, Beim and Bromberger succeeded to gain two points more than the team of SG Aljechin Solingen.

In the final closing ceremony Horst Leckner (tournament-director) especially thanked the sponsors Kreissparkasse Miesbach-Tegernsee and Bank Hofmann. Main-arbiter Willi Knebel thanked the participants for the fair play during the tournament. Also in 2002 the OIBM was an interesting and successful event. During the sunny autumn days the participants could both enjoy a well-organised tournament and the beautiful landscape of Tegernsee valley.

In the photos: Tournament hall, Vladimir Malakhov