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Wednesday 13/3/2002 1st round Sunday 31/3/2002 4th round
Thursday 14/3/2002 Postponed games Monday 01/4/2002 Postponed games
Friday 15/3/2002 Postponed games Tuesday 02/4/2002 Postponed games
Saturday 16/3/2002 Day off Wednesday 03/4/2002 Day off
Sunday 17/3/2002 Day off Thursday 04/4/2002 Day off
Monday 18/3/2002 Day off Friday 05/4/2002 Day off
Tuesday 19/3/2002 2nd round Saturday 06/4/2002 5th round (Quarter Finals)
Wednesday 20/3/2002 Postponed games Sunday 07/4/2002 Postponed games
Thursday 21/3/2002 Postponed games Monday 08/4/2002 Day off
Friday 22/3/2002 Day off Tuesday 09/4/2002 Day off
Saturday 23/3/2002 Day off Wednesday 10/4/2002 6th round (Semi Finals)
Sunday 24/3/2002 Day off Thursday 11/4/2002 Postponed games
Monday 25/3/2002 3rd round Friday 12/4/2002 Day off
Tuesday 26/3/2002 Postponed games Saturday 13/4/2002 Day off
Wednesday 27/3/2002 Postponed games Sunday 14/4/2002 7th round (Finals)
Thursday 28/3/2002 Day off
Friday 29/3/2002 Day off
Saturday 30/3/2002 Day off

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