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1st On Line Chess Championship in Greece


The first on-line chess tournament in Greece is organized by two websites, chess.gr (http://www.chess.gr) and Blackqueen (http://blackqueen.net).

The games will be conducted and performed only by the above mentioned websites and they consist part of experimental programs.

The primary goals of this tournament are:

- The participation of Greek chess players from abroad, from the province, who don't have the opportunity to participate in other tournaments.

- The friendly and intimate spirit among chess players from all over the world through the internet.

- The promotion of chess.

- The development of the research program of the above mentioned websites.

Additionally, our intention is the creation of the appropriate conditions in order to achieve the conduction of chess tournaments in a new way thanks to internet technology and thus, the motivation for future games.

Due to the absence of specific rules concerning on-line chess games, our research group, based on the rules of FIDE, stated the following rules for this tournament.

Any change or modification of the rules can be done in the future and not during the games.


These rules are valid only for this tournament and not for any further use of the "Apollo" server.

All chess rules that concern the formula of a game are valid except:

- The pressing of the clock and the fall of the flag, executed automatically in this tournament.

- "J' adoube", not in use in this tournament.

1. The games will take place only on the internet, either the players are on-line at home or at any other place (e.g. internet cafe), as long as this doesn't affect unacceptably their score.

2. The players are not allowed to receive help from others or computers that run chess programs or chess databases or any other chess materials from any source that might affect their score. If so, the player is banned automatically.

3. Each player is allowed to have only one account which he only will use. If a player has two accounts in order to achieve more than one participations is banned automatically and his accounts are deleted.

4. More than one players are not allowed to share the same account. If so, the account is deleted automatically.

5. All chess fans from all over the world without exception have the right to participate.

6. The players are obliged to give their real identity (in the registration form).

7. The players can choose their own user id in order to hide their real identity, as long as this is not offensive in general.


1. The games begin early March 2002 and the specific dates will be shortly announced by the organizers.

2. The games will always start at 20.00 Greek time (GMT +02.00). In order to make things easier for all players there will be Greek and Internet time simultaneously.

3. The time and the date of the games can be changed by the organizers with a preannouncement, at least one day before the games, but also via email to the players.

4. The games will be organized according to a specific system which will be announced after the registrations are completed.

5. The duration of the games will be 15 minutes for each player. In case of equal result, two games will take place with the same row of colors of the regular games, duration 5 minutes plus 2 seconds per movement for each player, and they will be played soon after the end of the second regular game. In case of a new equal result, one game will follow where the white player have 5 minutes and the black one 4 minutes (white will be the player who had the same color also in the first game). In case of equal result, the black player will be considered to be the winner.

6. If during the games a player gets disconnected, he has the right to reconnect in 180 seconds. The game will start over from where he stopped.

7. If a player gets disconnected more than twice he is nullified.

8. The drawn of the lots will be done with random access of the SWISS 4.9 program which only the first arbiter will run. In the play-offs the colors will be respective to those of the regular games.

9. Games will be performed every 3 days in order to deal with the possibility of postponements. This means that the couples of the next round will be announced soon after the end of the previous round.

10. Responsible for the lots, the coordination and the time schedule of the games will be the First Arbiter.

11. All lots, results and relevant announcements will also appear in the websites which are responsible for the games.

12. Objections will be accepted if accompanied by a deposit of 30 Euro. If objections are justified the deposit is returned.

13. All games will be saved in a database and will be available to anyone interested.

14. Since the "Apollo" server can search and find games that have been played through chess programs, these players will be automatically nullified without right of objection. Of course, because of the above mentioned function of the server, the objections that refer to probable use of chess programs by a rival will not be accepted.


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