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Athens, 12/4/2002


Dear chessfriends,
We invite you all to watch the final games of the 1st Hellenic On-Line Championship.
We would like to thank all the participants and to apologize for the mistakes we may have made.
We hope that the next On-Line Championship will be even more successful than this one.

Best Regards
The Organizing Committee: Evangelos Bardis, Mina Georgiadou, Ioannis Goumas, Argiris Kotsis, Vassilios Sinanidis
Andreas Andreou was responsible for the programming of the Apollo Chess Server

Athens, 05/3/2002

Dear chessfriends,

The players control period is completed and the final phase is at gates!
All participants are 132 and they come from 18 countries. Seven (7) rounds will take place in knock-out system.

The first four rounds will be of 2 games each. The 5th and 6th round will be consisted of 4 games. In the 7th round in which positions 1 6 will be played the number of games will be the following:
Positions 1 2: 6 games. Positions 3 4 and 5 6: 4 games.

In the 3rd round the number of participants will be necessarily 32.

We want to stress out that each round will last for 3 days and the games will be completed within the first day. The other 2 days will be used for the necessary postponement of games. We also stress out that: Postponements will be requested, except for an emergency (excuse that will be accepted only once for each player), before the previous round and they will be submitted to the Chief Arbiter Mr. Evangelos Bardis. E-mail: bardisev@in.gr & bardisev@yahoo.gr

Games will start at 20:00 (Greek time GMT 18:00) or Internet time @791

In the 1st round, we used directed drawn of lots for the Asia and America zones in order to make things easier for some players because of the significant difference of time, at least at the beginning of the Championship.

Welcome to the 1st On-Line Chess Championship in Greece. Good game to all of you!

The Organizing Committee

Athens, 11/2/2002

Dear chessfriends,

The submission of applications for participation in the 1st On-Line Chess Championship in Greece is completed. The chess players that have registered reach the number of 356 and they come from 35 countries.

In a few days' time the registered participants will receive an email from the Chief International Arbiter Mr. Vangelis Bardis in order to confirm their participations and then the schedule of the games will be announced. All our future announcements will be readable in the official web page of the "1st On-Line Chess Championship in Greece".
We thank each one who has visited our site and has honored us with his/her participation.

Athens, 28/1/2002,

Dear friends,

The Organize Committee has decided to extend the registration dates to 10/2/2002

Registration Form >>>

We announce with great pleasure that "NATIONAL" ORGANIZ SYSTEMS S.A. is the official sponsor of the 1st Internet Chess Championship in Greece and has offered 2.934 Euros towards the prizes.

Athens, 3/12/2001,

Dear friends,

We have the pleasure to announce to you the first on-line Championship in Greece and to thank you for the love you have shown to us so far. The Championship is a dream we had for many years and has not come true until now. Being aware of the possibilities the Internet has offered us, we put our faith in and prospected a website where our favorite game could be played even by people who, in spite of their love for the game, were too busy to play it. Apollo, the first Chess Server, came into life three years ago, but could not handle a large number of chess players. During its first year of test operation (2000-2001) 4,200 chess players from all over the world have registered and that motivated us to hurry to upgrade it. At last, with the New Year and, more specifically, toward the end of the first two months, the first Internet Championship is real.

Evidently, participation applications are free of charge and the deadline for their submission expires on 15/1/2002. We believe that we will come up to your expectations for a strong championship of high quality. We, the persons who have joined efforts to make this happen, hope that by organizing that Championship we will acquire the necessary experience that will allow us to swim into deeper waters with you.

Finally, we inform you that after the expiration of the deadline for participation in the games you will be notified of the procedure that will be followed and the money prizes. This is due to the fact that the exact number of players is not known yet. For potential changes or news we will let you know by e-mail or through this home page.

The Organizing Committee is composed of the following persons:

Mina Georgiadou
Ioannis Goumas
Argiris Kotsis
Evangelos Bardis
Vassilios Sinanidis

Andreas Andreou is responsible for programming

Best regards,

The chess.gr  team

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