Lostboys Open 2001

Van Wely took the tournament!

Final standings on top: 1 Van Wely 7, 2-5 Piket, Sokolov, Sutovsky, Timman 6, 6-... a.o. Gershon, Nijboer, Van den Doel 6

Loek van Wely won the ninth Lost Boys tournament in Amsterdam. He drew with Sutovsky in the last round after a long and tough fight. Sutovsky shared second place with Piket, Sokolov and Timman.
The ninth Lost Boys tournament was a true Van Wely-show. He dominated the event from beginning to end and deservedly won, one point clear of the rest of the field.

Even in the last game, Van Wely tried to make the best of it, although he never had any serious winning chances.
The tournament was a clear success for the Dutch. Piket and Timman won good games in the last round, while semi-Dutchman Sokolov defeated Gershon from Israel. 14-year old Daniel Stellwagen made his third IM-norm, but still has to wait for the title since he hasn't played thirty games.
In yesterday's bulletin was mentioned that three players (Van Wely, Sutovsky and Michiels) were undefeated up to the 8th round. However, we forgot to mention the name of Stefan van Blitterswijk, who drew in the last round with Gurevich, meaning that he kept his unbeaten status.

The 9th Lost Boys Chess Tournament Amsterdam took place from 10 - 19 August 2001. The location was "Sportcentrum De Pijp", Lizzy Ansinghstraat 88, Amsterdam.

The tournament divided into 4 groups. The top players of all participations (total 85 players) of Group A are: Mikhail Gurevich, Loek Van Wely, Ivan Sokolov, Jeroen Piket, Pavel Tregubov Emil Sutovsky, Boris Avrukh, Jan Timman and Friso Nijboer 

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