European Championship U20 & 3rd International Open Tournament in Patras

Victorious end for Stelios Chalkias that he defeats Tamaz Gelashvili in the last round and grabbed the 1st place from Istratescu Andrei, Kotronias Vassilis and Krakops Maris.  Check out the final standings and get some games 3rd International Open Tournament in Patras:
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European Championship U20
Final Standings >>> View some games of EURO 2001 via our chess Java application

Kasparov in Patras!

Saturday 22/7/2001 >>>
Garry Kasparov arrived yesterday in Patras directly from Split to give six blitz games vs Greek Champion Hristodoulos Banikas, simultaneous game against 20 players and a lecture at the University of Patras. Kasparov had a press conferance at 22:00 and he spoke about Kramnik, Internet and FIDE.
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Monday, 23/4/2001 @11:00 >>> Six Blitz Games:
Kasparov - Banikas 5.5-0.5
View the games of the meeting via our chess Java application Some moves are missing in 5th and 6th games...
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23/7/2001 >>>