3rd International Tournament of Glyfada
"Glyfada 2001"

31 August - 8 September 2001

Organizers: Cultural Center of the Municipality of Glyfada and

ďZenoĒ Club of Glyfada.

Chairman of the Organizing Committee: M. Papazoglou (vice-president of the

Cultural Center of the Municipality of Glyfada).

Organizing Committee : F. Koerand, I. Karavokiris, P. Sklavounos

I. Nisiotis, M. Stoubiadi.

Venue: New Glyfada Townhall (Municipality Building, Alsous 15, Central Square,

Bus lines : A3, B3, E2, A2 buses from Akademias str., Athens,

A1, E1 buses from Peraeus to Voula (Glyfada bus stops), 140 from Polygono).

Tournament System: FIDE Swiss / 9 rounds.Games Schedule: daily from 31/8/ to 8/9/2001Starting time: Round 1, 16:30, Rounds 2-8 17:00, last round 16:00

Games Duration: 2hrs/40th move + 1hr for the rest of the game

Rules: All FIDE rules.

Tie Break Criteria: 1.Additive Sum of Progressive score 2.Number of wins

3.Results of equally ranked playerís games

4.Percentage of score having black pieces

5.Tie-break Blitz games results.

Prizes: 1st 300.000 drs & Cup 2nd 220.000 drs & Silver medal 3rd 160.000 drs & Copper medal 4th 130.000 drs 5th 100.000 drs 7th 70.000 drs

6th 80.000 drs 8th 60.000 drs

Special Prizes: 1st Woman 50.000 drs & honorary plaquette

1st older than 55 years 50.000 drs & honorary plaquette

1st Junior 60.000 drs & honorary plaquette

2nd Junior 40.000 drs

1st Glyfada player 40.000 drs & honorary plaquette

1st Junior Glyfada player 20.000 drs & chess book.

1st Junior (under 14) chess ware.

In case of a tie, money prizes will be divided equally.

If a player qualifies more than one prize will get only the higher one.

The prizes will be awarded after the last round finish on the 8th of September.

Entry fee: 10.000 drs (in order to cover some operational tournament expenses).

Players with FIDE rating over 2300 are free from entry fee.

Juniors born after 1/1/1983 will pay 5.000 drs.

Local players are also free from entry fee.

If any player does not appear to play in any round, he is disqualified.

No postponements of games are allowed unless due to special circumstances (after

arbiterís judgement).

Objections against arbiterís decisions must be submitted to the Organizing Committee not later than 30 minutes after each round finish, accompanied by

20.000 drs deposit.

Bulletin will be distributed free to the participants.

If you want to participate, contact:

Cultural Centre of the Municipality of Glyfada +30-1-9614094

or at the web site: http://www.zinonchess.gr  , e-mail: tournois@zinonchess.gr