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Association of Egyptian Greeks

The «Association of Egyptian Greeks» («Sindesmos Egyptioton Ellinon») was founded in Athens in 1993 and was honored by the National Greek Academy in 1985 for its cultural activities. In 1986 it was honored with the St. Mark’s Cross by the Patriarch of Alexandria.

Today it has about 5000 active members. Its main aims are:

  • Uniting all Egyptian Greeks that live in Greece but also those that moved to other countries.

  • Preserving and promoting the cultural heritage of the once vibrant Greek quarters in Egypt.

  • Offering social support to and providing for the underprivileged.

  • Fighting for the common interests of both working and retired Egyptian Greeks that live in Greece or in other countries.

  • Fighting to preserve and promote the athletic spirit through gentle competition by maintaining several sport sections (chess, bridge, table tennis, basketball).

  • Keeping an important role in cultural life, not only for Egyptian Greeks but for all Greek society.

The following members sit in the current Governing council: F.Kossenas (president), G.Oikonomidis, I.Armenopoulou, K.Trimi, N.Avramidis, B.Iliopoulou, P.Karmatzos, M.Kovaios, K.Mihailidis, Chr.Monokroussou, M.Biskos, N.Nikitaridis, A.Papadimitriou, A.Tzitzas, Chr.Christofidis.

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