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Deep Junior - Chess Program

Deep Junior is the world's first commercial chess program to run on machines with two or more processors. On a dual processor board it searches about 1.8 times faster than on a standard PC.

The program is based on Junior6, the latest improvement on the 1997 Microcomputer World Champion. Junior is a powerful positional player praised by grandmasters like Vladimir Kramnik for its subtle strategical understanding.

The program profits from the close contact of its authors to the leading Israeli players. Boris Alterman was Kasparov's second in his internet match against the world and contributed major parts of the analysis with Deep Junior running on a four-processor machine. Boris Alterman also authored the rich new openings book included on this CD.

An early version of Deep Junior on a quad board won a public two-game match gainst Boris Gelfand (ELo 2713).

System requirements: Windows NT/Windows 2000 running on a multiprocessor
system. Deep Junior runs on Windows95/98 but only on one processor.

System that D.Junior will run against Banikas:
Dual Pentium III @1000Mhz, 512MB RAM

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