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On June 13-14 Greek Champion Grandmaster Hristodoulos Banikas will face one of the most fearsome silicon monsters, the powerfull Deep Junior, under the supervision of International Arbiter
Ulysses Vazelakis.

Four 25+10 games will be played in Athens, with the match being simultaneously transmitted via closed-circuit television to a nearby spectator area and electronically to the Internet.
Live commentary will be provided by Greek International Master and author
Ilias Kourkounakis.

The match is jointly sponsored by portal in.gr of (Lambrakis Press Organization), chess.gr and Syndesmos Egyptioton Ellinon (Greeks with close ties to Egypt), as part of their World Congress, .

Along with many other cultural activities, the event will take place in the Reception Area of S.E.E., 3rd of September 56 str.



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