Shirov,A (2718) - Van Wely,L (2700) [C02]
Corus Wijk aan Zee NED (6), 20.01.2001

[Junior 6.0 (30s)]

C02: French: Advance Variation 

1...e6 2.d4 d5 3.e5 
White wins space 

Playing against the pawn chain 

4.c3 Nc6 5.Nf3 Bd7 6.Be2 Nge7 7.Na3 cxd4 8.cxd4 Nf5 9.Nc2 Qb6 

d4 becomes the focus of attention 

10.g4 Nfe7 11.00 h5 12.h3 hxg4 13.hxg4 f6 
Consolidates g5. 

14.Bd3 000 15.b4 Nxd4 
[15...fxe5 16.dxe5 Kb8=]


A sound move. White is in command [16.Nfxd4 fxe5 17.Nb3 e4+] 

16...fxe5 17.Qe2 
White plans b5 

17...e4 18.Bf4 Ng6?

[18...Nc6 19.Nxc6 Bxc6+-] 

19.Rac1+ Bc6 20.Bg3 Bd6 21.b5 
[21.Bxe4!? dxe4 22.Nxc6 Bxg3 23.Qxe4+-] 

21...Bxg3 22.fxg3 
[22.Nxc6?! Nf4 23.Nxd8+ Kxd8=; Worse is 22.bxc6 Nf4 23.Qc2 exd3 (23...Nxd3 24.cxb7+ Kb8 25.Nc6+ Kxb7 26.Rb1 Bxf2+ 27.Rxf2+-) 24.cxb7+ Kxb7] 


[22...Ne5!? 23.Nxe5 Qxd4+ 24.Kg2 exd3 25.Nxd3 Qe4+ 26.Qf3 e5 27.Qxe4 dxe4 28.Nxe5 Rd2+ 29.Kg1 Rhh2 30.Rf8+ Kc7 31.Rf7+ Kb6 32.bxc6 Rdg2+ 33.Kf1 Rxa2 34.Nc4+ Kb5] 

23.Qe3+- Qc7 
Threatening mate... how? 

24.Rxf3 Ne5 25.bxc6 Nxf3+ 26.Qxf3 Qe5? 

[26...Qe7 27.Nxe6! Demolishes the pawn shield 27...Rd6 28.cxb7+ Kxb7 29.Rc7+ Qxc7 30.Nxc7 Kxc7 31.Qf2+-] 

[27.Nxe6!? seems even better 27...Rd6 28.Ba6 Rxc6 29.Rxc6+ Kb8+-] 

27...Kxb7 28.Nc6 

Threatening mate: Qf7[28.Nc6 Qd6 29.Qe3 Qxc6 30.Rxc6 Kxc6 31.Qxe6+ Rd6 32.Qe7+-] 10

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