Upcoming event in Bad Wiessee
Great open tournament expected in October

For the fifth time the chess-club of Tegernsee will organize the Open International Bavarian Masters (OIB) in Bad Wiessee, lasting from October 27 to November 04. Last year the tournament was one of the greatest in Europe with 495 participants, 26 international grandmasters and 86 FIDE-title-holders. But for the fifth anniversary organizers Horst and Thomas Leckner want to top this record.

Together with the tourist authority of Bad Wiessee (a health-resort at the down hills of the alps!), the organizers will try to provide the optimal environments and circumstances for all participants. Although there is plenty of room in the tournament-hall of “Wandelhalle”, the number of participants is limited to 512 this year. Because of this, there is a lot of place and fresh air on every place. Also there will be wooden chess boards (and pieces) for nearly every participant.

Concerning chess there are also be some very special highlights expected: In the beginning of September more than 35 (!!) international grandmasters have already confirmed their participation. The favourite is GM Vladimir Akopian (29 years, ELO: 2660), coming from Armenia. He was vice world-champion in 1999 and is one of the strongest chess-players in the world. But it will not be easy for Akopian. He has to compete with players like Michal Krasenkow (Poland), Josif Dorfman (France) and Igor Khenkin (top-player of TV Tegernsee). Besides the champion of Bad Wiessee of 1999 – Alexander Shabalov (USA) – will join the event, too. The organizers also invited the champion of 2000 to the event. But Alexander Nenashev-Graf did not confirm up to now.

Expected to become interesting are also the fights for the special-prize for best female. Female grandmasters Lomineishvili, Gurieli and other swill have to compete with the former world-champion Nona Gaprindashvili. And also strong youth-players will come to Bad Wiessee, e.g. Andreij Volokitin from Ukraine. Volokitin is only 15 years old, but already qualified for the world-championship (of adults). Volokitin has a FIDE-rating of 2550 and will become grandmasters in a view days. Dimitrij Bunzmann (19 years, ELO: 2509) will become Volokitin’s strongest opponent for the special-prize of best youth-player.

Altogether there are 350 chess-players registered to the tournament, two month before the tournaments will begin. Also “exotic” from more than 28 different countries have already confirmed their participation, e.g. from India, Bangladesh and Zambia. Especially in the last few weeks the organizers had a lot of inscriptions. So all interested players are requested to inscribe as soon as possible. For inscription or more information please use homepage or call by telephone:
http://www.schach-am-tegernsee.de/oib2001 tel. +49-(0)8025-998022 (Thomas Leckner), fax +49-(0)8021-909323.

For the first time Bank Hofmann will only be co-sponsor of the event. So the special-thanks goes to the new main-sponsor: Kreissparkasse Miesbach-Tegernsee. Without a main-sponsor a special event in chess, like the 5th OIBM, would not be possible.