Advanced Chess in Leon 2001

The official site reports:
The fourteenth edition of the International Tournament "Ciudad de León" is the strongest ever.
The 2001 will join the top four players in this modality, and we shall see who the real Best Chess player in "Advanced Chess" is.
The tournament takes place in Leon of Spain between June 8th & 11th 2001

Round 1, 8/6/2001: Topalov-Shirov 1.5-2.5
Round 2, 9/6/2001: Anand-Leko 2-2 (Play offs Anand-Leko 1.5-0.5)
Finals 10/6/2001: Anand-Shirov 1/2, Shirov-Anand 0-1, Anand-Shirov 1-0, Shirov-Anand  1-0

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