Shirov wins the Senat-CanalWeb Grand Prix

Mark Crowther reported

The Senat-CanalWeb Grand Prix knockout rapidplay tournament took place in
Paris France Saturday May 6th and Sunday May 7th. Four players competed.
They played two game mini-matches of 25 minutes each then tie-break (blitz
games) if required. The winner was Alexei Shirov who defeated Boris Spassky
in the final, he defeated Joel Lautier in the semi-finals.

Round 1 (May 6, 2000)

Shirov, Alexei    -  Lautier, Joel     1/2   24  C74  Ruy Lopez
Lautier, Joel     -  Shirov, Alexei    0-1   42  D98  Gruenfeld indian

Spassky, Boris V  -  Hauchard, Arnaud  1/2   37  B43  Sicilian
Hauchard, Arnaud  -  Spassky, Boris V  1/2   31  A13  English; 1.c4

Three blitz games. Spassky drew with black in the 3rd sudden
death game to go through.

Round 2 (May 7, 2000)

Shirov, Alexei    -  Spassky, Boris V  1/2   37  B06  Modern defence
Spassky, Boris V  -  Shirov, Alexei    0-1   35  C11  French; Classical
Lautier, Joel     -  Hauchard, Arnaud  1/2   49  A42  Queen's pawn
Hauchard, Arnaud  -  Lautier, Joel     0-1   33  D44  QGD; Botwinnik

Final Results

Senat-CanalWeb GP Paris FRA (FRA), 6-7 v 2000

1 Shirov, Alexei    g ESP 2751
2 Spassky, Boris V  g FRA 2551
3 Lautier, Joel     g FRA 2632
4 Hauchard, Arnaud  m FRA 2513