Kasparov Cadet Grand Prix 

Mark Crowther reports 

The Kasparovchess Cadet Grand Prix took place over the internet January 11th, 13th and 14th. The event was held over the internet on Kasparov's new site. 
The players were: Radjabov, Teimour (f AZE 2459 born 1987) Bu Xiangzhi (CHN 2565 born 1985) Belov, Vladimir (RUS 2389 born 1984) Efimenko, Zahar (UKR 2332 born 1985) Thiruchelvam, Thirumurugan (ENG 2235 born 1988) Rodshtein,Maxim (ISR unrated) Nakamura, Hikaru (USA 2261) Alcazar Jimenez, Jesus (ESP 2143 born 1984) and they played in a KO format.

The winner was the young Azerbaijani Teimour Radjabov who is one of the World's best junior talents. In the final he beat Bu Xiangzhi the Chinese player who may have broken the record for the youngest ever GM (subject to confirmation). Radjabov claimed a draw and was granted one, in the first game of the final that progress was not possible by normal means and this was granted after his flag fell. In the second game he played a nice game to take the competition. The games were 60 minutes per player per game, no blitz tie-breakers were required. Further coverage at: http://www.kasparovchess.com/

Take the games in PGN format
Round 1 (January 11, 2000)

Alcazar Jimenez, Jesus      -  Belov, Vladimir             0-1  0-1 Belov
Bu Xiangzhi                 -  Rodshtein,Maxim             1-0  1/2 Bu
Efimenko, Zahar             -  Nakamura, Hikaru            1-0  1/2 Efimenko
Thiruchelvam, Thirumurugan  -  Radjabov, Teimour           0-1  1/2 Radjabov

Round 2 (January 13, 2000)

Efimenko, Zahar             -  Bu Xiangzhi                 0-1  0-1 Bu
Radjabov, Teimour           -  Belov, Vladimir             1-0  1/2 Radjabov

Round 3 (January 14, 2000)

Bu Xiangzhi                 -  Radjabov, Teimour           1/2  0-1 Radjabov