Official Int. Tournaments Schedule 2000

6th International Tournament "IKAROS 2000" Open Aegean Championship 
15/7 22/7/2000 Island of Ikaria
Organizers: Chess Club of Ikaria Mr. Skyrianglou Dimitris.
Phone: +30-1-5985370
Official Website:

5th International Open chess Tournament of Mytilini 
24/7-31/7/2000 (9 rounds) Island of Lesvos 
Phones: Mr. Kalesis, Mobile: 0932 561968
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4th Open International Tournament of Korinthos 
25/7-02/8/2000 (9 rounds) Korinthos
Phones: +30-741 22082 or 21785 Mobile: 0944-452245 Mr. Gilas G.
Fax: 0741 26597
Official Website:  

10th International Chess Tournament "Battle Of Crete"
3/8-10/8/2000 (9 round) Chania - Crete Island
Organizers: AO Kidon Chanion
Phones: +30-821-56641 Mr. Sakis Kouvatsos
There is a web page at:

2nd Open International Tournament of Patras
12/8-20/8/2000 (9 round) Patras
Organizer: ICBC of Patras
Phones: 0937 221911 Mr. Tzolas Vassilis

8th OPEN International Tournament "National Resistance" Nikaia
19/08-27/08/2000 Athens.
Organizers: O.F.O.N. Chess Club (Mr. Ornithopoulos Nikos).
Phone +30-1-4940395. There is a web page at:

1st Open International Tournament "Kostas Buzakis"
19/8-26/8/2000 Chania, Crete Island
Organizers: A.O. Chanion, Municipality of Chania, Technical Univercity of Crete
Phones: +30-821-99815, or 97355

2nd International Tournament "GLIFADA 2000"
28/8-06/9/2000 Athens
Organizers: Municipality of Glifada - AO "ZINON" Glifadas Chess Club
Phones: +30-1-9614094 (9 a.m. 2 p.m. and 5 p.m. 8 p.m.)
Web page at:

International Open Chess Tournament "White Tower 2000"
03/10-09/10 2000 Thessaloniki
Organizers: Chess Academy of Northern Greece Municipality of Thessaloniki
Phone: +30-31-815735 097 2420049 Mr. Tsorbatzoglou Viron.
Fax: +30-31-211244