6th International Tournament of NIKEA (Piraeus)

21-29 August 1999


Organizers: Orivatikos Fysilatrikos Omilos of Nikea (Piraeus)

Co-Organizers: Municipality of Nikea and Greek Chess Federation

Organizing Committee: N. Ornithopoulos, P. Sklavounos, I. Papadopoulos, P. Fitros.

Place: National Resistance Museum (Mantra Kokkinia) 17/8/1944 Spuare (Osia Xeni), Ilioupoleos and Kilikias and Thiron, Nikea

System of the games: Swiss of FIDE 9 rounds

Schedule: 21/8/-29/8/1999

StartingTime: Rounds 1-8 17:00-23:00 (last round 16:00-22:00)

Tie Break Criteria:

  1. Progressive score
  2. Bucholtz
  3. Blitz games (10 minutes)

Duration of the games: 2hrs/40th move + 1hr for the rest of the game

Rules: All the rules of FIDE


Special Prizes:

Entry fee: 6.000 drs
Players with FIDE rating more than 2200 are free from entry fee.
Players born after 1/1/1979 will pay 3.000 drs.
Local players are also free from entry fee.
In case of a tie prizes will be divided equally. If a player qualifies more than one prize will get only the higher one.

Will be distributed free to all participants


Special offer!!! Hotel INIOHOS 26, Veranzerou str., Athens (center) .Air contitioned

Prices: Single room 8.500 with breakfast (or 11.500 drs with half-board)
Double room 12.500 with breakfast (or 18.000drs with half- board)
For reservations tel.: +30-1-3232449 FAX +30-1-3223977

If you want to participate and more info:
Nikos Ornithopoulos +30-1-4940 395 or +30-1-4908666
Hellenic Chess Federation, Mr Grivas Efstratios, tel: +30-1-9221 465, 9220972 Fax: +30-1-9221620
email address: eso@compulink.gr or loxias@compulink.gr