Morozevich-Svidler rapidplay Match ON ICC

Morozevich, Alexander  -  Svidler, Peter         0-1   32  A03  Bird (1.f4)
Svidler, Peter         -  Morozevich, Alexander  0-1   40  E63  Kings indian GM Challenge ICC Internet HUN (Internet), 6 xi 1999
                                    1   2
Morozevich, Alexander  g RUS 2758    0   1   1.0  2684
Svidler, Peter         g RUS 2684    1   0   1.0  2758
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John Fernandez reports: 
On November 6 at 3PM Eastern time over four hundred
members and guests from all over the world watched the
Grandmaster Challenge played live on ICC. The two-game match between GM
Alexander Morozevich and GM Peter Svidler was tied, after two exciting
games that lasted practically all of the 30 minute time control.

In Game 1, Morozevich shocked many by playing 1. f4. The game quickly
turned into a reversed Leningrad Dutch with Morozevich using his extra
tempo to get himself some queenside play. However, the game quickly seemed
to turn into a Grunfeld type position. In the hands of Peter Svidler, he
quickly gained quite an advantage after 25. ... Qc8! After Svidler's 32.
... Re4, Morozevich spent all but forty seconds of his remaining time
trying to find a way out, and instead resigned, when he saw that Svidler's
bishop pair was going to help him eliminate the passed white d-pawn, and
with it the game.

Game 2 started off symmetrically, but soon turned into a King's Indian,
where Svidler seemed to have all the trumps. Having the White pieces and 1
- 0 match lead, it appeared that he was well on his way to winning the
match. However, after some inaccurate moves late in the middlegame, it
seemed Black's 32nd move was again the killer, as after 32. ... Bxe5, Black
has everything, including White's weak queenside pawns. In mutual time
pressure, Svidler tried to make up for the loss of his queenside, but
Morozevich calmly refuted it, and went on to win and tie the match.

The players split the $400 prize fund with a drawn match. The event was
sponsored by ( and organized by the
Internet Chess Club ( The arbiter and organizer
for the match was John Fernandez. ICC plans on having many such events in
the future. Anyone with any questions about this match or upcoming events,
please contact