Approved by the 1998 General Assembly and 1999 Presidential Board


Regulations for the World Championship


1.                      Organization


1.1                    The World Championship shall be organized in the months of December to Janua­ry unless the Presidential Board decides otherwise.


1.2                    Governing Body: the World Chess Federation (FIDE)


1.2.1                The President or his Representative shall be responsible for overseeing the prepa­ra­tions and announcement of the date(s) and venu­e(s) for the World Champions­hip. Once these matters are settled the admini­strator (see Section 2) shall be responsible for the prepara­tion and organization of the World Championship.


1.2.2                FIDE may have an exclusive contract where these regulations may change after the approval of the General Assembly.


2.                      Selection of the Administrator


2.1                    Any federation which is a member of FIDE or a sponsor may bid for the right to adminis­ter the World Champi­onship. In the latter case, FIDE shall consult the federation where the spon­sor propo­ses to hold the Cham­pions­hip. If the federati­on refu­ses or is unable to cooperate, FIDE may still accept a proposal from a sponsor.


2.1.1                Each proposal shall contain the following particulars:

                         a)         the proposed tournament venue;

                         b)         the proposed prize fund in U.S. Dollars, not less than US$ 3 million.

                         c)         the concession rates for hotel rooms and meals for the par­ticipants;

                         d)        a statement that the applicant (the proposed Admini­stra­tor) accepts all the demands made in these regula­tions;

                         e)         the applicant's name, signatures and authenticati­ons;

                         f)          a bank guarantee for the entire undertaking.


2.1.2                Each proposal shall be accompanied by an invitation to the FIDE Presi­dent and his Repre­sentative to inspect the propo­sed venue and examine the other conditi­ons with all expenses paid by the applicant, including the cost of visas.


2.1.3                Each proposal shall be delivered to the FIDE Secretari­at not later than 12 noon local time on a date to be decided by the FIDE President.


2.1.4                Each proposal shall be accompanied by an application fee of SFr.50,000. If the proposal is accepted, this fee shall be retained as a first payment. If it is not accepted, then the fee shall be refunded by FIDE. In case the conditions in 2.1.1. are not met, then the application deposit fee shall be retained by FIDE.


2.1.5                The proposals shall remain sealed until 12 noon on the date appointed by the President as in 2.1.3. He shall then open them publicly and the details shall be published. Each appli­cant shall be afforded the oppor­tunity to address the FIDE Presidential Board.


2.1.6                The FIDE Presidential Board shall decide which appli­cant shall be chosen. The decision reached shall be based on the follo­wing criteria which are to be viewed as a whole:

                         a)         prize fund

                         b)         playing conditions

                         c)         security

                         d)        climate

                         e)         chess activity both actual and potential in the coun­try hosting the World Champions­hip.

                         f)          media possibilities

                         g)         potential development of chess worldwide.


2.1.7                After the Presidential Board has decided who shall be selected to organize the World Champions­hip, the Admi­nistrator shall deposit, by a date to be decided by the President, in escrow, net and free of all taxes, with the FIDE bankers the following sums of money:

                         a)         The prize fund which is inclusive of the sums in 19.1, and

                         b) The sums in 5.1 and 5.2.

                         However the interest will be paid back to the Administrator.


2.1.8                 The President may decide that the deposit of the sums of money in 2.1.7 shall be done in two or more instal­ments within cert­ain stipulated periods under a formal agreement with FIDE.


2.1.9                At any time, the sums deposited in escrow shall be for­feited to FIDE if the Admi­nistrator fails to organize the cham­pions­hip or is in breach of the agreement with FIDE for the organi­zation of the World Championship.


2.2                    The World Championship shall commence on a date to be deci­ded by the FIDE Presiden­tial Board when deciding upon the choice of applicants.


2.3                    If there are no bids for the World Championship, the FIDE Pre­sidential Board shall decide whether to hold the World Cham­pionship under diffe­rent financial condi­tions from those sti­pu­lated in these regulations.


2.4                    Exisiting contract between FIDE and the World Chess Foundation (WCF) shall have priority over any other contract.


3.                      Organizing Committee


3.1                    The World Championship shall be conducted according to an or­ganizatio­nal plan determi­ned by the Administrator in consul­tation with the Presi­dent, the federati­on hosting the event and the spon­sors. A Chairman of the Organizing Committee (COC) shall be appoin­ted.


3.2                    The COC shall draw up a plan listing the administrative bran­ches requi­ring mana­gers. These shall include at least the fol­lowing: finance; playing hall; media; facilities for play­ers; facilities for delegations; arbiters; ste­wards; bulletin pro­duction; commentary on play; side‑shows; concessions; the Grand Challenge; opening and closing ceremonies; security; refresh­ments; medical facilities. De­tails of the managers in­cluding their addres­ses, telep­hone and fax numbers and e‑mail addresses shall be circulated.


3.3                    The Administrator shall invite the President and two of his appointed Representatives and the Chief Arbiter to inspect the prepa­rati­ons. Travelling and accommodation costs are to be borne by the Admini­strator.


3.4                    Once the Organizing Committee is set up, further arran­ge­ments for the World Champions­hip where not precisely determined by these regulations shall proceed according to guideli­nes from the FIDE President.


4.                      Finance


4.1                    FIDE shall be reimbursed for its direct expenses incur­red in the World Champi­onship Organiza­tion. This shall be a fixed sum agreed between the Administrator and the Presi­dent.


4.2                    As organizer of the World Championship, FIDE has exclu­sive financial rights to the event and is free to ex­ploit them com­mercially, including entering into adver­tisements agreements either with the Administrators or Sponsors of the Championship requiring players to wear clothes, aprons or caps with the bran­ding of sponsors on the express approval of the FIDE Pre­si­dent. The players are precluded from making any additional claims from FIDE or Administrator of the Championship over and above the net sums due to them from their prizes.


4.3                    The income provided by the World Championship through ad­missi­on charges, concessions, photography, radio, shall go to the Administrator. The television and In­ternet Web trans­mission rights, including video and film rights, shall belong to FIDE and the income divi­ded as follows: 50% to FIDE and 50% to the Administra­tor.


4.4                    The COC shall draw up as detailed a budget as possible, inclu­ding provisi­on for contin­gencies. This shall be subject to the approval of the Presi­dent.


5.                      Stipends


5.1.1                The following stipends are to be paid to the Principals of the World Cham­pions­hip:

                         a)         President or his Representative who shall be Chair­man of the

                                      Appeal Committee                                                                                                                                    SFr. 20,000

                         b)         Three members of the Appeal Committee                                                                                          SFr. 27,000

                         c)         Chief Arbiter                                                                                                                                               SFr. 14,000

                         d)        Deputy Chief Arbiter                                                                                                                               SFr.   9,000

                         e)         Three Deputy Arbiters (Rounds 1 to 5)                                                                                               SFr.   9,000

                         f)          Four Arbiters (Rounds 1 to 2)                                                                                                               SFr.   6,000


5.1.2                If any of the Principals is active for only part of the duration of the World Cham­pionship, his stipend shall be paid on a pro rata basis.


5.2                    SFr.5,000 shall be paid to each of the FIDE General Secretary and Treasurer.


6.                      Arrangements for the Playing Hall


6.1                    The COC shall ensure the playing hall and its environs at least meet the require­ments of the FIDE Regulations for the Organization of Top Level Tournaments C.01.


6.2                    The playing venue shall be decorated with the FIDE flag, the flags of the host nation and the participating Federations and the sponsors' branding.


6.3                    For the Final Match, the players shall each have a private room to which they may retire. The rooms shall be similar in nature and equipped with a live monitor of the chess board and clock. The rooms shall be comfortable including such facilities as fridge, coffee and tea, light refresh­ments accor­ding the list provided by the players and lavatories shall be provided in their immedia­te vicinity.


7.                      Interviews, functions and mode of dressing


7.1                    Interviews with people other than players can be arranged direct­ly.


7.2                    The players are expected to cooperate reasonably with the media. General inter­views with them can be arranged through the Press Offi­cer.


7.3                    The players are required to make themselves available for short inter­views, of not more than 10 minutes duration, immedi­ately after the game.


7.4                    Players are required to be present at all official functi­ons approved by the FIDE President or his representative during the Cham­pionship including official recep­tions and the ope­ning and closing ceremonies.


7.5                    Players are specifically requested to note the require­ments of FIDE Regu­lations C.01 (Article 8.1) in respect of their dignified appearance at all times during the World Cham­pionship.


8.                      Photography and Television


8.1                    Only photographers and camera crew expressly autho­rized by the Admini­stra­tor may work in the playing venue.

                         a)         While more than 16 players are compe­ting, flash may be used only during the first ten minutes .

                         b)         While 16 players or less are competing, flash may only be used during the first five minu­tes.

                         c)         In tiebreak games flash may only be used in the first three minutes. In case of sudden death one minute for each game will be allowed.

                         d)        After the time limit for the use of flash has expired, the use of came­ras without flash may only be permitted if the Arbi­ter in charge deems their use to be unobtrusive.

                         e)         Television cameras must be unobtrusive and may only be used if the Arbiter in charge deems their use to be unobtrusive.


9.                      Advance Preparations


9.1                    Invitations

                         At least eight weeks before the start of the World Champions­hip, the Chairman of the Organizing Committee shall issue for­mal invitations to all participants. This shall include the dates and times of the Players' Meeting, opening ceremony, complete schedule and relevant informations such as taxes, hotels and other facilities.


9.2                    Principals and their Amenities

                         The COC shall provide personal stewards as necessary for the President, his Representative, the Chief and Deputy Arbiters. 


9.2.1                The Administrator is host to the Principals throughout the World Champi­onship.

                         a)         Travel

                                      The FIDE President or his representative has the right to first class travel by air, sea or rail, at the Administra­tor's expense. All other Princi­pals shall be provided with trans­port by air, sea or rail or, if they prefer, any other mode of transport that is not more costly to the Administrator than air travel. All travelling arrange­ments are to be made by the Administrator.

                                      Any Principal making his own travel arrangements without the agreement of the Administra­tor does so entirely at his own risk.

                         b)         Accommodation

                                      For the FIDE President ‑ a suite in a hotel.

                                      For each Principal ‑ a double room with bath, in a first class hotel.

                         c)         Food and Drink

                                      Provision for food and drink shall be provided for all the Principals on a wholly equal basis. This shall be provided by a specified allowance in local currency per day and/or by set meals. The nature and amount shall be agreed between the COC and President.

                         d)        Local Transportation

                                      For the FIDE President, a chauffeur‑driven car.

                                      For the other Principals, a number of cars shall be made available; their use will depend on the position of the hotels, playing hall and media center, and on the leisure activities of the Principals. Alternatively, a daily allowance in local curren­cy may be pro­vided, the amount to be agreed between the COC and President.


10.                    Playing Conditions


10.1                 Only the players, arbiters and stewards shall be allowed in the actual playing area except with the express permission of the Chief Arbiter.


10.2                 During the playing session (lasting from 10 minutes befor­e the start of the game until the departu­re of players), the following additional regulations shall be in force:

                         a)         The players are not permitted to bring into the playing venue techni­cal and other equip­ment extraneous to play, which may in any way disturb or upset the opponent. The Chief Arbiter shall decide what constitutes extraneous equip­ment liable to offend the oppo­nent.

                         b)         A player may talk only to an arbiter or communicate with a steward, or with his oppo­nent as permitted by the Laws of Che­ss.


10.3                 Scoresheets

                         a)         At the end of each game the players' original scoresheets shall be given to the Arbiter, who shall hand them over to FIDE in due course.

                         b)         Refusal of either player to sign the scores­heets shall be penali­zed accor­ding to Article 13.4 of the Laws of Chess. After the players have signed the sco­resheets, the Arbiter shall coun­tersign to confirm the results.

                         c)         In tiebreak games, the players and the Arbiter shall sign the protocol.


10.4                 Players' Meeting.

                         Players are required to attend the Players' Mee­ting on the day of the Opening Ceremony at a time to be decided by the Chief Arbiter. If he deems it necessary, the Chief Arbiter may call other Players' Mee­tings.


11.                    Opening Ceremony


                         a)         The Opening Ceremony shall take place the day prior to the first round and all partici­pants are required to take part.

                         b)         The pairings and draw for colors for round 1 shall be car­ried out as part of the opening ceremony.


12.                    Playing Schedule and Games


12.1                 There shall be six rounds of elimination matches compri­sing two games for rounds one to five, four games for round 6, then six games for the World Championship final.


12.1.1              Participants

                         Round 1: there shall be 72 players         

                         Round 2: there shall be 64 players         

                         Round 3: there shall be 32 players         

                         Round 4: there shall be 16 players         

                         Round 5: there shall be 8 players           

                         Round 6: there shall be 4 players           

                         Round 7: there shall be 2 players           


12.1.2              The original list shall consist of 100 players comprising the following specific names for the 1999 World Championships only :

                         a)         World Champion and semi‑finalists of 1997/98 GM Anatoly Karpov (RUS), GM V. Anand (India), N. Short (ENG), B. Gelfand (BLR), M. Adams (ENG).

                         b)         Junior(s) rated 2600 or higher in the FIDE Rating Lists of January 1998  to July 1998.

                         c)         The World Junior Champion 1998

                         d)        Women's World Chess Champion 1998

                         e)         3 Nominees of the FIDE President

                         f)          1 Nominee of the Administrator

                         g)         62 qualifiers from Zonal tournaments

                         h)        1 Nominee of each Continental President

                         i)          A sufficient number of the highest rated players from the weighted average of the FIDE Rating Lists of January/July 1998 to bring the number to 100.


12.2                              Schedule

                         Opening Ceremony                                                                                                        1 day

                         Round 1:       2 days play + 1 day tie-breaks                                             3 days

                         Round 2:       2 days play + 1 day tie-breaks                                             3 days

                         Round 3        3 days play + 1 day tie-breaks                                             3 days

                         Round 4:       3 days play + 1 day tie-breaks                                             3 days

                         Round 5:       3 days play + 1 day tie-breaks                                             3 days

                         Round 6:       4 days play + 1 day tie-breaks                                             5 days

                         Restday                                                                                                              ..2 days

                         Round 7:       6 days play + 1 rest day + 1 day tie-breaks                      8 days

                         TOTAL                                                                                                               ..31 days


12.2.1              The Administrator, in consultation with the President, may vary the schedule.


13.                    Confirmation of Participation / Conduct of Players


13.1                 All players shall confirm, by fax and registered post, their parti­cipation by retur­ning the signed original copy of the Players' Undertaking for participation in the World Champions­hip. It must reach the FIDE Secreta­riat no later than the date pres­cri­bed by the Presidential Board.


13.2                 If a player fails to appear at the Players' Mee­ting, the Opening or Closing Ceremo­ny or any approved function of the Championship, or refu­ses to carry out any directive of the FIDE Presi­dent or any of the Championship Princi­pals, or con­ducts himself in a manner contrary to the spirit of spo­rts­mans­hip or the FIDE Code of Ethics, then he shall suffer the following penalties: 5% of his prize mo­ney shall be forfeited to the Administrator and a further 5% to FIDE for each negli­gence.


13.3                 A player who returns his undertaking but withdraws before the draw is announ­ced, will be repla­ced by a player in the the Reserve List. Two reser­ve players shall each receive a fee of US$ 2,000 and shall be expected to attend the Opening Ceremony. Once a reser­ve obtains a place in the World Championship, the US$ 2,000 fee shall become the first tranche of his prize money.


13.4                 Any player failing to return the undertaking as in 13.1 shall be repla­ced by the next person on the weighted rating list or if such player is a Zonal Qualifier in accordance with the conditions determined by the Presidential Board for replacement from the Particular Zone..


13.5                 Any player who does not play after the draw is announced shall not be replaced.


14.                    Pairings


14.1                 For purposes of pairings the players shall be ranked according to the last officially published rating list. For the specific purpose of the 1999 World Championship, this shall be the January 1999 Rating List.


14.2                 Pairings shall follow the principle of top half vs. lower half in total rating order. Players with the same rating shall be ranked in the order of the status of their title GM, IM, WGM, WIM. If this fails, use the rating of the preceding Rating List, looking back until there is a diffe­rence. The highest ranked player of the top half shall play the highest ranked player of the bottom half. The second ranked player of the top half shall play the se­cond ranked player of the bottom half. And so on.


14.3                 64 players shall play in Round 2: 36 winners from Round 1 and 28 players seeded for Round 2 inclu­ding 5 semi‑fina­list and the 23 best rated players. According to the same prin­ciple as in 14.2 these 64 players shall be ran­ked. The highest ranked player of the top half shall play the highest ran­ked player of the bottom half, on the as­sumption the higher ranked player won the first round match.


14.4                 The draw for colors shall be conducted as follows:

                         a)         Whether the highest rated player in Round 1 receives White or Black in game 1 shall be decided by lot and shall be carried out as part of the Opening Ceremony. In Match 2, the higher rated player shall have the opposite color to the number 1 player, and so alterna­ting through the list. The same alter­na­ting system shall be used in Round 2 to Round 6 inclusive.

                         b)         Games in Round 1 shall be assumed all to have gone with seeding. The color in Game 1 of the highest rated player of Round 2 shall be decided by lot. Lots for Round 2 shall be drawn as soon as possible after the conclusion of the Round 1 tie‑break games.

                         c)         Games in Round 2 shall be assumed to have all gone with seeding. Lots for Round 3 to Round 6 inclusive, shall be drawn not later than 20.00 hrs on the tie‑break game.

                         d)        For the tie‑break matches, there shall be a drawing of lots for each such match. If these matches are also drawn, there shall be a drawing of lots to decide who shall receive White in the first sudden‑death game. If more sudden‑death games must be played, there shall be a new drawing of lots for each odd game.

                         e)         The method used for the drawing of lots shall be deci­ded by the Chief Arbiter in consul­tation with the Chairman of the Organizing Commit­tee.


15.                    Conditions of Victory


15.1                 Rounds 1 to 5, each match shall be played over two games and the winner of a match shall be the first player to score at 1.5 or more points.


15.2                 For round 6, each match shall be played over four games and the winner of a match shall be the first player to score 2.5 or more points.


15.3                 Round 7, 6 games shall be played. The winner of the match shall be the first player to score 3.5 or 4 points.


15.4                 The match is concluded at the coclusion of the game were the winner is known.


15.5                 Tiebreaks

                         a)         If the scores are level after the regular games, after a new drawing of lots, two tie-break games shall be played. The games shall be played using the DGT clock starting with 25 minutes on the clock and the addition of 10 se­conds after each move.

                         b)         If this tie-break match is again drawn, then, after a new drawing of lots, two tie-break games shall be played. The games shall be played using the DGT clock starting with 15 minutes on the clock and the addition of 10 se­conds after each move.

                         c)         If this tie-break match is again drawn, then, after a new drawing of lots, single sudden death games shall be played. The first player to win shall pro­ceed to the next round. If it is in round 7, the winner shall be declared World Cham­pion. The sudden death games shall be played using the DGT clock with White having 4 minutes on the clock and Black five minutes and the additi­on of 10 seconds after each move.

                         c1)       The first player to win such a game shall proceed to the next round. If it is in Round 7, the winner shall be declared World Champion.

                         c2)       If there is a series of such games, there shall be a new drawing of lots for each odd game.

                         d)        If, in the opinion of the Chief Arbiter, a match is taking too much time, he may decide that the players shall play one decisive game. The player who wins the drawing of lots, may choose the colors. White shall receive 6 minu­tes without any addition, Black shall receive 5 minu­tes. There shall be no additional time. The winner qualifies for the next round.In case of a draw the player with the Black pieces qualifies for the next round. If such a game is played in Round 7 the winner will be declared World Cham­pion.


15.6                 Laws for tie-break and sudden death games            

                         1.         Play shall be governed by the FIDE Laws of Chess, except where they are overrid­den by the specific provisions of these regulations.

                         2.         Players do not need to record the moves. Instead, an arbiter or an assistant will record the moves.

                         3.         The player whose turn it is to move may consult the scores­heet and, if his next move will produce a threefold repetition of position (Arti­cle 9.2a) or the 50 moves rule (Article 9.3a) he himself must write the intended move on the scores­heet.


                         4.         Illegal moves shall be penalised according to Article 10.3.


15.7                 After each game there shall be a pause of 10 minutes.


16.                    Time Control


16.1                 The time control shall be 40 moves in 100 minutes,followed by 20 moves in 50 minutes, follo­wed by all moves in 10 minutes. Each player shall receive an extra 30 seconds thinking time after each move played, com­mencing from the first move.


16.2                 The special time controls stipulated in 15.5 shall be used in the tie‑break and sudden death games.


16.3                 No postponements shall be allowed.


17.                    Selection of Arbiters


17.1                 The FIDE Presidential Board shall nominate a list of nine arbiters who must have the title of Internatio­nal Arbiter and who belong to diffe­rent federati­ons.


17.1.1              In each match, no arbiter may belong to the same federa­tion as either of the players. Excepti­on: if both players are members of the same federati­on, an arbiter may also belong to this federation.


17.1.2              The FIDE President shall appoint, in consultation with the Administrator, the Chief Arbiter and the Deputy Chief Arbiter.


17.1.3              The FIDE President shall take into consideration 17.1.1 and, if necessary, may re‑desig­na­te the Arbiters after Round 4.


17.2                 During play either the Chief Arbiter or the Deputy Chief Arbiter must be present in the playing area.


17.3                 Immediately after the end of the World Championship, the Chief Arbiter shall draw up a report and send it without delay to the FIDE President.


17.3.1              The report shall be written in one of the official FIDE languages.


17.3.2              The report shall contain the result of each individual game as well as the final result of each match. In addition, the report shall contain a general description of the course of the World Champi­onship. If there were diffi­culties, conflicts or incidents during the World Championship, they shall be described together with the measures taken to deal with them.


17.3.3              The report shall be supplemented by adding two copies of the bulletin of the World Champi­onship.


17.4                 The Chief Arbiter may, in consultation with the COC, and with the approval of the FIDE Presi­dent, issue additional written regulations to lay down the exact playing hours and take care of other details not covered by these regulations.


17.5                 If 17.1.3 is exercised, then the reports in 17.3 shall be submitted jointly.


18.                    Appeal Committee


18.1                 The President or his Deputy shall be Chairman of the Appe­al Commit­tee. There shall be three other members all from different Federations. No mem­ber of the Appeal Committee shall sit in judge­ment in a dis­pute involving a player or party from his Federation except where the dispute is between two players or two parties from his Federation.


18.2                 All protests must be submitted in writing to the Appeals Committee not more than two hours after the relevant playing session, or the particular infringement complained against.


18.3.1              The Committee may decide on the following matters:

                         a)         a protest against a decision by an arbiter,

                         b)         a protest against a player's behaviour,

                         c)         a complaint alleging false interpretation of the regu­lations,

                         d)        a request for the interpretation of specific regulati­ons,

                         e)         a protest or complaint against any participant, or

                         f)          all other matters which the Committee considers impor­tant.


18.3.2              If possible, the Committee shall reach a decision not more than two hours after the submission of a protest. The appeals process shall include writ­ten representa­tions and a written decision.


18.3.3              The Committee shall endeavour to find binding solutions in the FIDE spirit.


18.3.4              Every protest must be accompanied by a deposit fee of US$ 400 (four hundred US Dol­lars) or the equivalent in local cur­rency. If the protest is accepted, the fee shall be retur­ned. If the protest is rejected, the fee may be forfeited to FIDE.


18.3.5              The decision of the Appeals Committee arising from any dis­pute in res­pect of these regulations shall be final.


19.                    Prizes for the 1999 World Championship


                         Round 1 losers                     36 x                 $    6,000                                                                                   $   216,000

                         Round 2 losers                     32 x                 $   10,800                                                                                 $   345,600

                         Round 3 losers                     16 x                 $   21,600                                                                                 $   345,600

                         Round 4 losers                     8 x                   $   43,200                                                                                 $   345,600

                         Round 5 losers                     4 x                   $   86,400                                                                                 $   345,600

                         Round 6 losers                     2 x                   $  172,800                                                                                $   345,600

                         Round 7 loser                       1 x                   $  396,000                                                                                $   396,000

                         World Champion                1 x                   $  660,000                                                                                $   660,000

                         Total                                                                                                                                                                   $ 3,000,000


19.1                 A payment of 20% from the above prize fund shall be made to the FI­DE/CACDEC Funds.


19.2                 Where players are not taken up according to 13.3, the part of the prize fund also not taken up shall be redistributed by the WCCC, subject to the approval of the Presidential Board.


19.3                 Where a match must be decided by play‑offs after being initially tied, if it is decided in the tie-break play phase, the losing player shall receive 20% of the diffe­rential between his prize and the prize the winner would receive if he lost in the next round.


19.4                 Where a match is decided by sudden death games, the loser shall receive 40% of the differential between his prize and the prize the winner would receive if he lost in the next round.


19.5                 Where the final match is decided by play‑offs after initi­ally tied:

                         a)         if it is decided in the tie-break phase, the losing player shall receive his prize plus 20% of the differential between the prize of the win­ning player and the prize of the losing player.

                                      The winning player receives his prize minus 20% of the diffe­rencial between the prize of the winning player and the prize of the losing player.

                         b)         if it is decided by sudden death games, the losing player shall receive his prize plus 40% of the differential between the prize the prize of the winning player and the prize of the losing player.

                                      The winning player receives his prize minus 40% of the differential between the prize of the winning player and the prize of the losing player.


19.6                 The winners as in 19.3 and 19.4 shall have the sums descri­bed deduc­ted from his final prize.


19.7                 If a player withdraws due to ill health or any other good reason accep­ted by the Admini­strator, he shall receive the full prize money to which he was entitled at that time.


19.8                 If a player withdraws after the start of the first round without having a satisfacto­ry reason for doing so, he shall receive 50% of the prize money he was due at that time. Any appeal against the Administra­tor's decision in this respect must be accompanied by a deposit of US$ 600. The appeal shall be referred to the General Assembly at the next FIDE Congress. If the appeal is successful, the US$ 600 shall be returned.


20.                    Costs


20.1                 All players shall pay their own cost of travelling expen­ses, hotel rooms and meals for their duration of stay. There shall be no pocket money for the players.


20.2                 The entry fee of $ 175,-, shall be deducted from the prize of each play­er.


21.                    Commitment of the World Champion


                         The winner of the final round of the World Championship shall be designa­ted as World Cham­pion and shall retain this title until a new Champion is crowned at the next official match for the title organized by FIDE. He is precluded alongside other qualifiers from the quarter final stage of the Championship from playing in a World Championship match that is not offici­ally recognised by FIDE.


22.                    End of the World Championship


22.1                 Closing Ceremony

                         The Closing Ceremony shall take place not later than one day after the end of the World Champi­ons­hip. The same guidelines for the Opening Ceremony in Section 11.1 shall apply.


22.2                 Payment of Prize Money and Stipends


22.2.1              The prize fund and stipends shall be paid by prima bank cheque drawn in United States Dollars on Credit Suisse, Luzern.


22.2.2              Upon completion of the World Championship, FIDE shall pay these sums collecti­ble in the payee's home country where requested by him. Where a player, with the agree­ment of the Administrator, leaves prior to the conclusion of the Championship, he shall receive his prize on departure.


22.2.3              If requested by the player, FIDE will advance for meeting expenses cash money up to USD 1000 per round


22.3                 Reports


22.3.1              The Chief Arbiter shall submit his official report to the President as soon as possible after the conclusion of the event.


22.3.2              The Chairman of the Organizing Committee shall submit his official report to the Presi­dent and Administrator and the host federation no more than four weeks after the conclusi­on of the Champi­onship.


22.3.3              The Administrator shall submit his official report to the President and host federation no more than eight weeks after receipt of the report of the COC. This shall include full ac­counts, unless it is agreed these can be delayed.


22.4                 Rendering of Accounts


22.4.1              Not later than three months after the Closing Ceremony the Administra­tor shall present to the FIDE President an ac­count of the official finances of the whole project. This shall also state any net surplus made by the Administrator.


22.4.2              For special accounting which may demand more time, the FIDE President may grant such time or take any other suitable measure.