Approved by the 1998 General Assembly and 1999 Presidential Board




The World Chess Federation (FIDE) is the governing body of the World Chess Championship (hereinafter referred to as the Championship).


The Administrators of the 1999 Championship are: the World Chess Foundation and the U.S. Chess Federation acting in close concert and under the direction of FIDE.


The Main Sponsor of the Championship is the World Chess Foundation.


In order to ensure that the Championship is played in accordance with its approved regulations and the statutes of FIDE, the following provisions shall apply:


1. Dates and Venues

1.1. The Championship shall hold in July-August 1999 or on a date to be approved by the FIDE President in 1999.

1.2. The approved venue shall be Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, Nevada USA or any other venue to be approved by the FIDE President in the United States.

2. Right of Participation

2.1. A list of qualified players and reserves approved by the Presidential Board of FIDE is appended to this undertaking.

2.2 Qualified participants are entitled to participate in the Championship. This right may only be set aside if the player does not meet the deadlines specified in this undertaking or otherwise behaves in a way and manner that is in violation of the provisions of this undertaking, in which case FIDE may designate a reserve to replace him.

3.Confirmation deadlines

3.1. Qualified players and reserves are expected to submit the original copies of their signed undertaking to the FIDE Secretariat not later than 1st June 1999.

3.2. Qualified players shall register at the Championship Secretariat in person not later than 12 hours before the commencement of play in the first round or in any round to which they are seeded.

4. The Player’s Obligations

4.1. On signing this player’s undertaking the player commits himself to completing the various stages of the Championship in accordance with the regulations for the World Championship, FIDE Code of Ethics, FIDE Statutes and Laws of Chess and rules and regulations which form an integral part of this undertaking, save in the case of illness evidenced by a medical certificate or on his being defeated at the end of the round at any stage of the Championship.

4.2. During the tournament and especially during the quarterfinals, semi-finals and finals, players will have to perform interviews and appearances as described in paragraph 7 of the World Championship Regulations.

4.3. For the year following the Championship, the World Champion and the next four players by ranking based on the results of this Championship, shall agree to promote chess around the World and be ready to attend promotional events at no fee but with their expenses paid by FIDE. This period of promotion shall not exceed 7 days in total (excluding days of travel).

4.4. Players shall be required to wear clothes or apparels with special branding from sponsors when specifically approved by the FIDE President.

4.5. Qualified players in the final round shall be required to appear punctually for the commencement of play in each game of the round. Any infraction of this rule shall attract a fine of USD 1,000 per minute of lateness from the prize money.

4.6. Qualified players for the Championship shall be required to attend the Opening Ceremony or any official reception specifically approved by the FIDE President failing which a fine of USD 500 shall be imposed for each infraction from the prize money.

5. Financial conditions

5.1. The Championship has a total prize fund of USD 3 million to be distributed in accordance with the regulations for the Championship.

5.2. Subject to the Regulations for the World Championship and the provisions of this Undertaking, the Prizes for the losers in each round and the eventual winner of the Championship are specified in the schedule of prizes approved by the Presidential Board of FIDE.

5.3. Subject to the provisions of this undertaking, the amount to which a player is entitled will be paid by prima bank cheque drawn in US dollars on Credit Suisse, Luzern not later than the day after the end of the round.

5.4. Without prejudice to the provisions of this undertaking on this subject, FIDE or the Organising Committee will not be responsible for any local taxes on any prize monies due to be paid to participants in any host country. If required by the local authorities of the host country, taxes may be deducted at source from the winnings of players. FIDE shall advise participants of any double taxation treaties between the host country and their respective home countries to ensure that their personal obligation of paying tax in their home countries are reduced.

5.5. FIDE or the Organising Committee will not be responsible for any application of political or financial sanctions from the organising country regarding players of the tournament.

5.6. Without prejudice to the provisions of this undertaking, the game scores are the property of FIDE.

5.7. On arrival at the venue of the Championship, and in emergency cases, a player in need of cash shall be entitled to an advance of USD 1,000 as part – payment of his prize money.

6. Arbitration

      Any dispute arising from or related to the present undertaking will be submitted exclusively to the Court of Arbitration for Sports in Lausanne, Switzerland, and resolved definitively in accordance with the Code of Sports related Arbitration.


By signing this undertaking, I hereby confirm that I will participate in the 1999 World Championship and have in consultation with my national federation acquainted myself with the applicable FIDE Statutes, Laws and regulations, and accept the conditions relating to my participation.


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