1998 0101 Kasparov RUS is leading the ELO list with 2825. J. Polgar is the best women  with 2670

1998 1002 Kasparov announces he will play the winner of the match Kramnik vs. Shirov for the title of World Champion. The final should be held in Spain on 10 October with a prize fund of US$2,000,000

1998 0901Karpov IND beats Anand IND in an historical final hold in Olympic Museum of Lausanne, Switzerland under the auspices of the IOC and H.E. J.A. Samaranch.

1998 2202 Presential Board in Manila  recommends new regulations for the World Championship. One hundred players will participate to only 6 round tournament. Players will be sited in round one or two according their ratings. Semi-finalists and the Champion of last year will be automatically qualified.


1998 1505 The FIDE Council in Bled, Slovenia,  gives the title of Grandmaster to Ponomariov UKR who becomes the youngest Grandmaster in the history of chess. The Council support the bid from the Slovenia CF to organize the 35th Olympiads in 2002. For the next World Championship, FIDE President announces a prize fund of US$ 3,000,000. A new K.O system championship will also be organized for the Women. The 1999 tournament will be in Kishinev, Moldova in September 1999 with a prize fund of US$ 500,000

1998 1006 Shirov beats Kramnik and get the right to play a match vs Kasparov

1998 0107 Kasparov is leading the rating list with 2815

1998 1408 In Beijing Xi Jun (CHN) wins by default vs. Galiamova (RUS) the Women Candidate final match. Prize fund was US$ 120,000.

1998 2008 FIDE announces Las Vegas from 29 November till 27 December 1998 for the venue of the next World Championship

1998 Kasparov announces that his match vs Shirov is postponed

1998 Opening of the 33rd Olympiads in Elista Kalmykia

1998 1110 FIDE observes one minute of silence for the Friends who passed away this year among where: Z. Zanjaasuren MNG, C. Falcon ESP, C. Guimard ARG, M. Romm ISR, A. Pyhala FIN.

1998 1110 FIDE approves Aruba as the 157th member of FIDE

1998 1110 FIDE GA approves the elections of Kirsan Ilyumzhinov RUS as President, G. Macropoulos  GRE as Deputy President, U. Koya IND as Vice President, N. Tabbane TUN as General Secretary and D.Jarrett ENG as Treasurer for the next 4 years.

1998 1110 FIDE and World champion A. Karpov RUS sign a join declaration to postpone the next World Championship till middle of next year

1998 1110 FIDE reject the offer from B. Kok (BEL) to organize a match between the winner of Las Vegas and G. Kasparov (RUS)

1998 1210 FIDE GA approves S. Doyle USA, and E. Halici TUR as Vice Presidents

1998 1210 FIDE GA approves as Honnory Vice President Mr. A. Selivanov RUS, K. Jungwirth AUT and Mr V. Zakarian ARM.

1998 1210 Mr. Mazouz ALG for Africa, B. Kutin SLO for Europe, K. Al Hitmi for Asia and Dr. P. Barrera SAL are elected Continental Presidents.

1998 1210 Ms G. Wagner AUT, R. Da Silva ANG, V. Shubladze GEO and D. Wallace SCO get the title of Honnory Member.

1998 1210 FIDE decides to have biannual Congress.

1998 1210 FIDE confirms to Moldova the right to organize the 1st K.O. Women World Championship.   

1998 1410 Russia won the 33rd  Olympiads in Elista, Kalmykia

1998 1410 FIDE confirms  Grandmaster titles for Papaioannou GRE, Al Modaihki QAT, Acs HUN, Baklan UKR, Bezold GER, Dervishi ALB, V.Gurevich UKR©, Kazhgalleyev KAZ, Keitlinghaus GER, Kogan ISR, Kosanovic YUG©, Krakops LAT, Leitao BRE, Levin GER, Macieja POL©, Mogomedov TJK, Marciano FRA, Markowski POL, K. Mueller GER, Najdovski FRM, Pogorelov UKR, Popchev BUL©, Relange FRA©, Safin UZB, Stocek CZE©, Tosic TUG, Van den doel NED, Vescovi BRE, Volkov RUS, Winants BEL©, S. WU CHN, Zhang Zhong CHN, Y. Zilberman ISR, Klovans LAT.FIDE confirms Women Grandmaster titles from Armura AR, Darchia GEO, Kiseleva UKR, Kononenko UKR, Kovalevskya RUS, Uskova KAZ, Vuksanovic YUG, Kosteniuk RUS, Mktchian ARM, Ovezova TKM. FIDE also confirms 98 International Master titles and 23 Women International Master titles, 

1998 0711 Austria CF in Grieskirshen organises the 7th World Senior Championship.

1998 1211 World chess candidate E. Geller (08.03.1925) died in Moscow.

1998 0111 World Youth festival in Spain

1998 1711 India CF in Calicut organizes the World Junior championship for boys and girls
1998 0112 GM C.Balinas from Philippines died from cancer.

1998 0212 Women World Champion Z. Polgar HUN asks to postpone her match with Xi Yun CHN until end of May as she is expecting a baby by March 1999.

1998 2112 FIDE board meeting is hosted in Lausanne by the IOC. Once again IOC President Samaranch said :” For me chess is a sport”. FIDE decides to book the date of November- December 2000 for the 2000 World Championship

1998 2512 Hastings hold the World Amateur Championship.

1999 0101 FIDE launches rapid rating calculation.

1999 0101 Kasparov is leading the Elo rating list with 2812

1999 0803 FIDE President sign an application member at the IOC for chess to be recognize as a sport.

1999 0901 FIDE President flies to London to promote chess and ask the British Government to recognize chess as a sport

1999 1301 The team of Breda NED won the European team club championship 1998 organised in Belgrade.

1999 1403 FIDE board meeting in Ankara. FIDE opens a new office in Elista. Mr. Halici (TUR) announces dates of September 2000 or November 2000 for next Olympiads.

1999 1704 FIDE confirms the World championship in Las Vegas from 26 July till 29 August and send player’s contract to all participants.

1999 1804 Kasparov announces that we will play Anand for a World Champoinship match that he will organize next October.