Bacrot vs Polgar

Mark Crowther reports:

Take the games in PGN format

Bacrot, Etienne  -  Polgar, Judit    1-0   83  E97  Kings indian; Main line
Polgar, Judit    -  Bacrot, Etienne  0-1   75  C78  Ruy Lopez
Bacrot, Etienne  -  Polgar, Judit    0-1   51  E70  Kings indian
Polgar, Judit    -  Bacrot, Etienne  0-1   60  C78  Ruy Lopez

The four game Bacrot-Polgar match starts at 17-30GMT and took place 4th-5th November 1999. TWIC TV covered the event and you can see the images at the site below. The match was in BASTIA (Corse) with 80 000 F worth of prizes.
The games were rapidplay. There were four decisive games with Bacrot winning both games on the first day. He ran out a 3-1 winner.

Official site for the was match: and TWIC TV broadcast the event (which you can still watch) at: diagonal4.asp and there was further coverage also at: