Siegeman & Co Chess Tournament
Malmo 1998

miladinovic_small.jpg (11125 bytes) Igor Miladinovic is the great winner
of Malmo, shared undefeated the
1st position with Lautier.


1-2.	GM Igor Miladinovic	6  points
	GM Joel Lautier		6  points
3-5.	GM Curt Hansen		5  points
	GM Ivan Sokolov		5  points
	IM Lars Degerman	5  points
6.	GM Ulf Andersson	4 points
7-8.	GM Boris Spasskij	4  points
	GM Pia Cramling		4  points
9.	IM Stellan Brynell	3  points
10.	GM Jonny Hector		2 points
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