* E V O I K I   E N O S I   S K A K I S T O N *

* 3 r d   I N T E R N A T I O N A L   O P E N *
* T O U R N A M E N T    O F    H A L K I D A *
*              G  R  E  E  C  E               *

* T O U R N A M E N T ' S    P R O C L A M A T I O N *
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1 PROCLAMATION  The  Evoiki  Enosi  Skakiston (Chess Players Union  of  Evia)
Club  proclaims  the  3rd  International  Open  Tournament  of  Halkida,  which
will  be  held  with  free  participation and nine  (9)  rounds  swiss  system.
The   tournament   will  be  held  in  Halkida,  August  2nd  to  10th,   1998.

2 TOURNAMENT SCHEDULE  The tournament will be held according to the programe:

Sunday      02   August   1998  :  Player's Arrival      ******
Sunday      02   August   1998  :  Opening Ceremony      16.30'
Sunday      02   August   1998  :  1st round             17.00'
Monday      03   August   1998  :  2nd round             17.00'
Tuesday     04   August   1998  :  3rd round             17.00'
Wednesday   05   August   1998  :  4th round             17.00'
Thursday    06   August   1998  :  5th round             17.00'
Friday      07   August   1998  :  6th round             17.00'
Saturday    08   August   1998  :  7th round             17.00'
Sunday      09   August   1998  :  8th round             17.00'
Monday      10   August   1998  :  9th round             11.00'
Monday      10   August   1998  :  Closing Ceremony      19.00'
Monday      10   August   1998  :  Player's Departure    ******

3 ORGANIZERS  Tournament's   Co-organizers   are  the  Prefecture  of   Evia,
Municipality of Halkida, Evoiki Enosi Skakiston and the Greek Chess Federation.

4 TIME CONTROL  The tournament will be held with time control for each player
2  hours  for  40  moves  &  1 hour for the end of  the  game.  After  the  1st
time  control,  the  Quick Play Finish regulations of FIDE will  be  in  force.

5 PLAYING AREA   The    tournament   will   be   held   at   Hotel    "Lucy".

6 TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR   Giamarellos   Nikolaos  (sub.  Geralis   Panagiotis).

7 CHIEF ARBITER   Will  be  announced  by  the Arbiters Office  of  the  GCF.

8 PARTICIPATION The participation is open and anybody who wish to participate
must declare it, paying at the same time the participation fee (12.000 drh.) to
the EES (tel.0221/86015), or to the Greek Chess Federation (tel. 9220972) or to
the  tournament  director, until one hour before the start of the first  round.
Participation fee - free are the players who are invited and who have also free
hospitality   and  anybody  who  have  international  FIDE  rating  over  2400.

9 POSTPONEMENTS  According  to  the FIDE rules and to the GCF  rules,  nobody
can  withdraw  from  the  tournament, without a  serious  reason.  The  special
situations   of   a  postponement  or  a  withdraw  must  be  decided  by   the
tournament  director  and  his decision is final. Medical care  will  be  given
by  the  EES  doctor which will be announced and which his decision  is  final.

10 TIE-BREAK RULES  In  case of a tie, the following criteria will be  valid:

a) The  Buchholz   score.
b) The  number  of  wins.
c) Percentage with black.

11 OBJECTIONS    Any  objection  must be submited until 10.00'  p.m.  of  the
next  day  and  will  be  judged  before the  start  of  the  next  round.  For
the  last  round,  objections  must  be  submited  until  one  hour  after  the
end   of   the   round  and  will  be  judged  by   the   tournament   director
immediately.  The  objection  deposit is 30.000 drh. and must be given  to  the
tournament  director  or  to the chief arbiter or to the offices  of  the  GCF.

12 PRIZES  In   case   of   a  tie,  the  money  prizes  are   divited.   The
total      money      prize     amount     are     1.750.000      drh.      and
will      be      given     according     to     the     following      tables.

01. 500.000       05.  80.000     01.  50.000      01. 50.000        01. 30.000
02. 300.000    06-10.  50.000     02.  30.000      02. 25.000        02. 20.000
03. 180.000    11-12.  25.000
04. 100.000

E. GIRLS          F. BOYS          G. LOCAL PLAYER    H. NO IN. ELO
01. 20.000        01. 20.000        01. 25.000        01. 20.000

13 INFORMATON Giamarellos N.(0030/221/81256) - Gavrilakis N.(0030/94/909258).

 14 GENERAL  Any   matter   that   is   not  taking  care   in   the   present
proclamation,   or   by   the   rules   of  FIDE   and   the   rules   of   the
Greek    Chess   Federation,   responsible   is   the   tournament    director.

             THE PRESIDENT                     THE GEN.SECRETARY