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With regard to our social activities, we can definitely state that our corporation has contributed a great deal towards the development of the Municipality, ultimately aiming at Programmes and Initiatives of the E.U. either by organizing training seminars, of by creating and operating support centres, like the Professional Information Centre, the Equal Opportunities Bureau, the Support Centre for Returning Emigrants, we support groups with special problems too. In this way we enhance and build on a policy laid down by our Municipality a number of years ago.

We have utilised a number of the initiatives of the E.U. such as the EUROFORM, HORIZON, NOW, and SOCIAL ISOLATION YOUTHSTART.

train3.jpg (20154 bytes)Within the framework laid down by the E.U. and the Ministry of Labour, we have created the Vocational Training Centre ¨ Efpyrides¨, with specifications for operation on national level. The Vocational Training Centre ¨ Efpyrides¨ and the DEADAL in its capacity as support organization have been accepted in all SOCIAL ISOLATION programmes we had submitted to the corresponding European and national authorities, and thus we ensured the necessary EUROPEAN COOPERATION for the realisation of these programmes.

Through the HORIZON programme, we have managed to register the people in our Municipality who come from areas neartrain2.jpg (22754 bytes) the Black Sea, as well as train people who made use of the Support Centre for Returning Emigrants and the other local centres. The C.E.P., which although based in our Municipality operates centres all over Greece, is another organization for the support of returning emigrants which resulted fromthe utulisation of the European Initiative EUROFORM. It aims to record all unemploymed people available for work and help them find jobs in the posts which are created. At the same time it provides young people with career advising services and informs them about the vocational training courses provided by our corporation through the K.E.K. and our cooperation with the Organization for Employment.

During the last six months of 1997, a number of training programmes were completed on 18 different professional areas with a total budget of 380 million drs. and which will involve the use of unemployed people in the major projects currently in progress in the Municipality.