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sport1.jpg (15167 bytes)The sports department of the DEADAL is responsible for the growth of interest in sports in the Municipality and has approached its task in a really innovative way.

Through the sports department of the DEADAL and the Municipal Sports Club , we have managed to combine a policy of sports for the Masses with sports for competition, thus providing the children and young people of our area with - organized facilities sosport2.jpg (14549 bytes) that they can exercise in a number of sports (e.g. , BASKETBALL, WRESTLING, as well as ACADEMIES for FOOTBALL, VOLLEYBALL, SWIMMING , TENNIS , GYMNASTICS and MODERN RHYTHMIC GYMNASTICS, and CLASSICAL SPORTS). Groups are formed at the beginning of each sports season , depending on age and performance.

Subsequently , tournaments are organized between teams and individuals from different schools (we try to include schools from neighboring municipalities as well ).

Some teams compete in the championships.

sport3.jpg (19351 bytes)Our main objective is to encourage the young to participate in sports, to initiate them to a healthy way of life , to improve their physical condition, their cinetic abilities and to enable them to develop useful psychological and social qualities (team spirit, Cooperation, a positive attitude towards healthy competition etc.) In this way we concentrate our interest and efforts in the formative stages of children so as to create good athletes and honest persons .

In order to attain our objective , at the beginning of each sports years we announce the sports activities we intend to organize , through personal contact or leaflets.

A part from that , we often organize meetings with parents . For the past year we have been running Classes for Parents in association with the Welfare Bureau. We also organize meetings on Psychology of sport , sociology, sports science , dieting and education .

sport4.jpg (16677 bytes)Scientists from various disciplines as well as athlets are invited in these events , in order that he may make children not only good athletes , but also human beings with fully - rounded personalities.

In every major athletic event , like the Basketball School, there are classes on sports education.

The participation of our athlets in the championship of both team sports and sports for individuals has brought us the following successes :sport5.jpg (21398 bytes)

In wrestling, our club has been declared the winner in the categories of children and young people , winning a total of is golden , 17 silver and 6 bronze metals.

sport8.jpg (20957 bytes)Five of our athlets have participated in two world championships in the U.S.A and Hungary , and at present six of our athletes belong to the National Team.

As regards some others sports the results are as follows:



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The various sports events organized at national level like the BASKETBALL SCHOOL and the ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS TOURNAMENT the TRACK EVENTS AT CLUB LEVEL, the football Tournaments etc. attract a great number of the children of our Municipality.

The athletic facilities of our Municipality and the Municipali

Corporation include: