soc1.jpg (17200 bytes)The Social Welfare Bureau offers psychological and social support to drug addicts and other groups facing special psychological problems. The aims are :

Meanwhile, we have taken serious steps towards the realization of our objectives :

A framework for the support of teachers, students and parents at schools has been introduced.

soc2.jpg (16134 bytes)The services of our Social Welfare Bureau are available to individuals of all ages, to families, couples, schools (teachers-students, or student with special problems), as well as groups of people (e.g. P.T.A.s).

In response to the call of the Greek Local Authorities Association (KEDKE) for help to the children of formersoc4.jpg (15836 bytes) Yugoslavia, we successfully participated in the 8-month-long programme ¨ HOSPITALITY TO CHILDREN FROM COUNTRIES OF THE FORMER REPUBLIC OF YOGOSLAVIA¨.

Focusing our attention on children of pre-school age, we have set up the First Municipal Nursery, in order to cater for the needs of young children and working mothers.

soc3.jpg (17755 bytes)We support materially the DESTITUTE PEOPLE of our Municipality, thus relieving them of part of their problems, both daily, and during public holidays.

Finally, we make a contribution towards the covering of the expenses (purchase of equipment and medicines, payment of scientific and auxiliary personnel) of the EDUCATIONAL HEALTH CENTRE of the RED CROSS in ANO LIOSIA, in recognition of the services it offers to the improvement of health standards in our area.