deadal_logo 9th International Chess Tournament


We are pleased to announce that the municipality of Ano Liossia has for the past eight years unrdetaken the organization of a major cultural event with the international chess tournament in which more than 190 greek and foreign players (from is different countries) take part.
We would like to welcome you to this great event.

The municipal corporation for the development of Ano Liossia trough its chess department have concentrated in sensitazihg the youth of Ano Lossia in this intelectual sport thus providing them with the quality outlet in this crucial character forming period of their life.
The main aim of our efforts is to enable our young chess players to play with and measure themselves against the players of international calibre who participate in the tournament thus gaining usuful experience.

This activity is part of development policy of this municipality. We believe that our intervention in society culture and infrastracture work is one of the basic combonets of the work for the development of our area and has to be pursued simultaneously in all three fields.
Our dedication of the institution of the international chess town in the fight against drugs addiction which affects the most sensitive part of our society is not just a way of dealing with a problem but essentialy a means of prevention. We believe our aim would have been achieved if we managed to keep even one young person away from drugs.


Mayor of Ano Liossia
Nikos  Papadimas