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cult1.jpg (19038 bytes)Our corporation, together with the Municipal Authorities strives for the promotion of the standards of living of the people of Ano Liosia and is consequently seriously engaged in encouraging the development of all cultural activities, especially those aimed at the young people.cult4.jpg (15380 bytes)

In the cultural sector, we could list a number of things we have achieved, starting with the MUNICIPAL MUSICAL ACADEMY, which has done a great deal towards the artistic development of our area. Today, 300 students attend lesson at the musical academy, where apart from the musical education they receive, the possibility is afforded them of pursuing this as a career.

The BALLET ACADEMY, operating as it does in a suitably equipped hall, gives the children of Ano Liosia yet one more option for a classical artistic education.

cult2.jpg (17976 bytes)Through the organization of workshops for the plastic arts and the theatre, we give the children the opportunity to use theirs free time creatively and develop their talents . Thus, to this day , both adults and children have remarkable achievements to show.

In response to requests and suggestions on the part of organizations like the local councils, cultural and community centres and the EBBE , we collaborate in the organization of various activities in all parts of our Municipality by providing the know - how and the necessary financial support.cult3.jpg (19730 bytes)

We cooperate with the SCHOOLS of our Municipality , not only by providing them with equipment , but by making all possible efforts to get close to the children , to nurture their will to learn and encourage their own initiatives through the organization of quality events, like book exhibitions , musical and theatrical performances , and educational excursions.

By promoting games like CHESS , we offer our children a quality pastime.

cult5.jpg (16288 bytes)The participation of our team in the championship and the consistent and hard work, throughout the part years, have thought our club in the SECOND NATIONAL DIVISION . We organize A SERIES OF EVENTS on an annual basis (see attached catalogue ) aiming both to show the work we do and to give the people of our area the opportunity to attend Famous artistic groups and other cultural events in our town .

We hold events under the auspices of the perfecture ,the Ministry of culture and the Ministry of foreign Affairs . The main objective of the ‘festival institution ‘ (May 96, Traditional Dance Festival , International chess Tournament, Friendly Relations Through the understanding of traditions Beyond the Borders), has always been to engage all participants in QUALITY CULTURAL ACTIVITIES.