Since 1988 when it was founded, the Municipal Corporation for the development of Ano Liosia (DEADAL) has functioned within the framework of the ®DEMOCRATIC PLANNING AND DECENTRALISATION® principle as a corporation owned by the Municipality but functioning like a private company. It is managed by a board consisting of 11 members and has as its main objective the Local Development. For us this means a direct involvement in the problems and needs pertaining to the SOCIAL, CULTURAL, EDUCATIONAL, COMMERCIAL levels, as well as in SRORTS and ENTERTAINMENT. The corporationís activities are primarily centered on the people of the municipality, but they occasionally extend to national and world level.

gen2.jpg (22432 bytes)Throughout the year, thousands of children engage in a multitude of activies that we offer them, where well-trained personell give them the opportunity to benefit from as well as contribute to a cultural, social, educational and athletic process. This prevents a part of the young people of our area from indulging in suspect activities, and transforms them into active and morally sound citizens, which is particularly important for our area which faces a number of serious problems.

By encouraging noble emulation, we provide moral support to all individuals engaged in self-improvement.Our main objective is to fight the mentality of ® the least possible effort ®, which has often been a major drawback for a people with remarkable creative abilities.