1st International Tournament of CORINTHOS

3-11 August 1997


Organizers: P.P. Center of Corinth Municipality, S.E.K. Timoleon Chess Club and E.S.O.

Place: Hotel Simi, Lecheou Coast (5 Km out of Korinthos)

System of the games: Swiss of FIDE 9 rounds

Schedule: 3/8/-11/8/1997

StaringTime: 17:00 (first round 19:00 and last round 11:00)

Duration of the games: 2hrs/40th move + 1hr for the rest of the game

Rules: All the rules of FIDE

Director of the tournament: Kapelentzis Athanasios.



Special Prizes:

Cup and medals to the first three and to the firsts of the special categories


Entry fee: 10.000 drs

Juniors 7.000,

after of 25/7/1997 the entry fee will be 12.000 drs, Juniors 8.500

Players of ELO 2000-2295 7.000 drs and Chess Players of E.S.S.A.K., 7.000 drs, Juniors 5.000 drs.

Free fee for invited players and players up of 2300 ELO. Women up to 2100.



All the Greek players and 6 foreigners GM, IM of International ELO up 2450 will have 1 bedroom (2 beds),

breakfast and lunch each day.


Special Prices of Hotel SIMI (60-65 persons):

1 bedroom (2 beds) + breakfast 5.000 drs per person (+1.000 drs for lunch)
1 bedroom (3 beds) + breakfast 4.000 drs per person (+1.000 drs for lunch)

Near Hotel Simi there is Camping

Hotel Korinthos (30-35 persons):

1 bedroom (2 beds) 5.000 drs per person
1 bedroom (3 beds) 4.350 drs per person

If you want to participate and more info:

To Mr. Gilas +30-741-22082 or 21785 and Mr. Kapelentzis +30-741-22179
FAX +30-741-26597
Hellenic Chess Federation, Mr Grivas Efstratios, tel: +30-1-9221 465, 9220972 Fax: +30-1-9221620

email address: eso@compulink.gr , loxias@compulink.gr and gilas@athena.compulink.gr


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